Taiwan, Times Square and you

Taiwan, Times Square and you   New Year’s Eve events in New York’s Times Square annually attract global attention.  In 2013, Taiwan Tourism Bureau once again broadcast their advertising... Read more »

Taiwan Giveaways APP

Taiwan Giveaways APP Gifts and Offers Worth over US$100 Download Now for the Best Taiwan Offers  On the heels of their acclaimed $100 Travel Vouchers campaign of 2011, the... Read more »

Taiwan Tourism Love Time Square

     In co-ordination with the “Travel to Taiwan, Now is The Time ” promotional program, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s New York Office held a press conference on November 20th... Read more »

2014 The Taiwan Lantern Festival – Discovery Channel praises the Taiwan Lantern Festival as one of the world’s greatest festivals

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is one of the top three festivals in Taiwan and the first major celebration of the Lunar New Year. The festival is traditionally observed on the... Read more »

Time for Celebration TAIWAN TOURISM EVENTS

(July -August) Toucheng Cianggu Grappling with the Ghosts Many ancestors who came to Lanyang Plats for exploitation lost their lives for various reasons, such as warfare, natural disaster, and... Read more »

Time for Celebration – Taiwan Tourism Events

JUNE Rafting on the Xiuguluan River  Taiwan, being an island, the rivers and streams that wind through Taiwan’s mountainous body are the real highlight, and any summer visit to... Read more »

Experience Nature’s insight of Taiwan

 Experience Nature’s insight of Taiwan  Yeliu Geopark A number of rock formations have been given imaginative names based on their shapes. The most well-known is the “The Queen’s Head” , an... Read more »

A Distinctive Window to Taiwanese Culture – National Center for Traditional Arts

By Rick Lin Home sweet home! I left for New York 13 years ago to study and pursue my dreams. First time back to my hometown in Taiwan, and I... Read more »

TAIWAN’S old town stories–Visit Our Historic TOP 10

Taiwan has long been famous for Taroko National Park, the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and many breath-taking landscapes. Besides these popular attractions, what people do not know is that due to the diversity of... Read more »

Summer Splash–Taipei’s Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is located at the mouth of the Shuangxi River at Santiaowan, Gongliao District, New Taipei City. The beach stretches as long as 3 kilometers and has always... Read more »