2012 Alishan – Taiwan

By Vita Kuo For centuries, Taiwan was known as “Formosa” which means “The Beautiful Island” in Portuguese. Even now, Taiwan is still known for its lush-green mountains, pleasant climates,... Read more »

Taiwan Tourism Festival

By Shu Min Xu Walking up from the statue of Confucius, I arrive at Confucius Plaza. Scaffolding is blocking the sign, but the constant stream of people from a... Read more »

Taiwan Highlights

In addition to a warm climate, and its beautiful natural scenery, local culture and rich connotations, along with its local specialties and foods that attract a worldwide audience, Taiwan... Read more »

International Gardening EXPO in Taipei City

If you are thinking about traveling anywhere this year, you will want to enjoy your experience in the most special and exciting way possible. But deciding on a location... Read more »

Welcome to Taiwan-A melting pot of different culture

If this is your first visit to Taiwan, you will most certainly be amazed at the diversity of things this beautiful island has to offer, as a rich historical... Read more »