Cathay Jewelry–Sparkles in Flushing

By Dave Flores

The first event to celebrate the Miss 2010 NY Chinese Beauty Pageant is “The Glamorous Beauty’s Jewelry Show”. It was held on July 6 at Mudan Banquet Hall in Queens Crossing located in Flushing, Queens. Sponsored by Cathay Jewelry, pageant contestants were invited to attend and present exceptional jewelry that was available for auction to the guests in attendance.

The media and the audience alike were ready and anxious for the show to get underway. As the lights dimmed and the crowd went silent, the commentators began the program by introducing the pieces of jewelry and the models, or contestants, wearing them. It was exciting to hear commentary provided in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, thus enabling all in attendance to share in the excitement of the show. The music was cued, the spot lights on the catwalk went on, and out came each model, strolling with sophistication and elegance down the catwalk.

Sparkling stones on beautiful women was a sure way to beat this summer’s seemingly never-ending heatwave. Gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, and jade all were presented to a wide-eyed audience that was on the edge of their seats; making certain not to miss a single detail as beauty passed before them. The sparkle and color that radiated from each piece of exquisite jewelry seemed to fill the room with the satisfaction one feels after viewing a spectacular fireworks show.

As the men in the audience were fixated by the white and bright yellow gold, the women were similarly hypnotized by the dynamic diamonds, ruby-reds and sea-green Jades. The jewelry was provided by Cathay Jewelers and Magnolia Fine Jewelry, both located in Chinatown. Cathay and Magnolia Fine Jewelry are popular venues where you will find some of the most exquisite and luxurious accessories in Chinatown.

The poise, elegance, and concentrated focus to portray the jewelry, was a direct result of Judy May Chao’s Image Consulting Group. In fact, Ms. Chao is the exclusive image consultant for the Miss Chinese New York Pageant. Ms. Chao plays a major role in the mental and physical conditioning of each aspiring contestant. Ms. Chao’s talent, professionalism, and hard work was graciously on display as each model walked the runway.

Another vital contributor and sponsor of the “Glamorous Beauty’s Jewelry Show” is La Peau Day Spa located in SoHo. Owner and director Ms. Everlyn Ho has been involved in all aspects of the beauty pageant events. When she is not busy planning and coordinating shows, she dedicates her time to running her warm and welcoming Spa.

All the major sponsors and VIPs for this event could be found seated in the front row on either side of the runway. Their goal was easily recognized as it was evident that every person involved, had expressed a great sense of pride in their collective accomplishments. This event was the result of a collaboration between various businesses and the sharing of ideas to the community and beyond.