By Lisa Crawford


Already several months into the new year, and still many New Yorkers hang on to the signs of the Zodiac to see what 2015 might have in store for them.  And what better place to turn to than the Chinese Horoscope?  Wonder no more…Asian Fusion is happy to share with you what the Chinese Horoscope is saying you can look forward to in 2015.

The Year of the Sheep (Goat) 2015-The year of the Sheep should be a good one for many of the animal signs. The idea for 2015 is that good should prevail over evil if we band together in both belief and faith. Peace is the name of the game this year, so thoughts of war should be pushed aside for the year to be a prosperous one. Structure and getting “back to basics” is the best way to succeed in all ventures. For many signs, 2015 is a year to use intuition and mental ability, rather than trying to fight for what they want. (For more visit:

Sheep Horoscope 2015– While many might think that the Sheep will have it easy during the year of the sheep, there will still be a fair share of challenges ahead. But just as we’ll need to focus on using our intelligence to move forward, if the Sheep follows that advice, wishes, hopes and dreams will be realized as their future unfolds. In love, family and loved ones will be very important support for the Sheep especially when they are noticing that they don’t get everything they want. During this year, it will be important to hold dear the things they already have (love, family, etc.) instead of looking for something new. In business, there is nothing but positivity coming their way.


Ox Horoscope 2015– This year will be a challenging year for the Ox due to the opposition the Goat and the Ox have. It is important to continue on the same course as usual and try not to “rock the boat” too much. Staying positive will also be vital to success in life. In love, attractiveness and magnetic charm all belong to the Ox. In business, the Ox will find that using their intelligence rather than sheer effort may get them what they want more quickly. The strength, both physical and mental that the Ox feels this year is sure to turn any problem into an opportunity.



Rabbit Horoscope 2015– The Rabbit has pretty good fortune this year and has been called “an excellent period.” Due to the positive fortune for the Rabbit, it is important to take advantage of possible opportunities that may arise. Both achievement and success will be plentiful in 2015. In love, sticking with what you know is important this year. Tigers should try not to deviate from the current path their love life is on. In business, it is just the opposite. Trying new things and looking into new opportunities in their career will only suit to benefit them.



Dragon Horoscope 2015– For the Dragon, it may be smarter to take a back seat during the year of the Sheep. Starting new ventures may be dangerous so try to stay on course with what is currently happening in your life. The biggest success will come from finishing the tasks that were already started in previous years. In love, be sure to take the same approach. Don’t change too many things in your current relationships. However, expressing yourself in love and paying more close attention to loved ones may actually bring positivity in this area. In business, creativity and innovation are two aspects of the Dragon’s personality that may attract success, but keep it on a smaller level and only do something if it seems reasonable.



Snake Horoscope 2015– The Snake isn’t one of the more fortunate signs this year. While 2015 will be a better year than the last, there will still be a number of problems that will arise and will need their attention. This is a great year to focus on them. If the Snake avoids sticking their nose into others peoples business and instead puts effort into fulfilling their own tasks, they should see success. In love, spontaneity is going to bring the most happiness. Trying to force something will only lead to heartbreak. In business, being both defensive and conservative will help tremendously with the current situation they are in. Starting something new should be avoided. (


Horse Horoscope 2015-.Great News: 2015 year will be favorable for the Horse! Opportunities will be bountiful, dreams will come true and many of their talents will be recognized. Yes, there may be some hindrances this year, but the Horse’s optimistic energy will help them to overcome anything this year. In love, the passion that a Horse holds will bring interest and excitement in both the single and married Horses. Emotions may get out of hand and run wild, but that will only add to the liveliness of this part of their year. In business, projects should be met with popularity and support from colleagues, so they Horse should not shy away from new ventures.



Tiger Horoscope 2015– This year might seem like a negative one for the Tiger, due to the Tiger and Goat being a bad combination, however with effort, this year may be more constructive and positive in the end. Hard work will get great results and the Tiger has a chance to achieve greatness. In love, a new relationship or marriage may be on the horizon. In business, there is a very good chance of a job promotion or a renewed strength in how to deal with difficulties in the work place. Mental health will be one of the Tigers best resources this year.




Monkey Horoscope 2015– Thankfully for the Monkey, 2015 promises to be abundant in good news. Accomplishments should be showered with compliments. And the imaginative way that the Monkey works with others should actually be an advantage this year. Just make sure to have a game plan if things should go wrong. In love, luck is all around and will bring positive vibes to all things related to love. This is a good year for the Monkey
to consider adding children to their families. In business, the spotlight belongs to the Monkey who may even be promoted due to the continuous success in career moves. (http://


Rooster Horoscope 2015– It is important in 2015 that the Rooster continues in a forward movement to any goal set. Even if it is a tiny step forward, this is how success will come. The Rooster, who may not be used to taking initiative, will need to grab the bull by its horns and be strong in the choices made. In love, the Rooster will see luck in all things related to relationships and 2015 may be a good year for moving forward in your current bond or even marriage. In business, the Rooster’s intelligence and focus on the end goal is what will propel all decisions into progressive business projects. (http://


Dog Horoscope 2015– Happiness will be more important than achievement for the Dog in 2015. Professional success will have to take a back seat to leave room for love, family and money issues. Hard work and dedication will
be required for virtuous things to happen for the Dog. If any ounce of laziness is found, they can forget about making advances in all parts of their life. In love, the Dog relates well to people and relationships this year, so evolving and adding interest to their love life may be a very helpful thing. In business, things will be more problematic than in years past, but if the Dog applies intelligence instead of force, it may not be all bad in their career. (


Boar (Pig) Horoscope 2015– The harmony between the Pig and the Goat (Sheep) makes 2015 an optimistic one for the Boar (Pig). New directions and positive change will lead to an improved future and a more contented life this year. In love, there is a chance for complications to arise and conflict to take over. The Pig will need to work hard at keeping the peace and not allowing the struggle to be the center of the relationship or things could escalate and become serious fast. In business, fortitude will cause the Pig to “win” in spite of the difficulties that are likely to occur. (


Rat Horoscope 2015-This year is sure to be better than the last for the Rat and will include reasonable improvement. Of course, troubles may arise for the Rat, so they should be prepared to deal with them in 2015. In love, the beauty and charm of the Rat will be at the center of all things, so the Rat should be prepared for a few relationships to occur. However, these affairs will only be based on the attractiveness of the Rat and will most likely not last too long. In business, the Rat will need to pay close attention to their work relationships. The second half of the year is the time when the Rat will shine in their career. (