Christine Fan “ Love & FanFan” concert at Mohegan Sun

07By: Blythe Liu / Silvia Yen
Christine Fan, also known as “Fan Fan”, is an American-born Taiwanese singer and actress. She held her Asia Tour Concert in 2011 in several cities, including Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, HongKong and back to her home town, Taiwan. In 2013, she wanted to share her voice with the world. Starting in London, she later came to the United States to continue her concerts. “Love & FanFan” was held at Mohegan Sun Arena on Sunday, June 16th. Although it was already midnight, it did not prevent her fans from coming out in great numbers to attend the show. It was a packed house, incredible scene, and lots of people were heard singing along with FanFan.
It has been twelve years since she became a professional singer. Her beautiful voice and love songs have accompanied us all along the way. “Faces of FanFan”, “F ONE”, “Love and FanFan”, and “to.get.her”, are some of the albums that many people are familiar with. “The Most Important Decision”, and “Our Anniversary” are still some of the most popular songs that people will select for karaoke.01
It happened to be Father’s day on the day of the concert. FanFan’s father brought all of her relatives to the U.S.; more than 20 people came to support her, for which FanFan was very touched and appreciative. She asked her audience at the concert to show their love to their father.
Her husband Blackie, who is also an artist, could not make it to the show that night. Although we were not able to witness the couple singing together live on stage, he made a video to teach the audience how to dance and play with FanFan to support and show his love to his wife.
On November 1st 2008, she held her first ticketed concert in Taipei. And later in 2011, she held concerts in Taichung, Hong Kong, Beijing and other Chinese cities. This year, FanFan is going to spread happiness to every corner around the world. After finishing a concert in London, FanFan came to the United States and held her first concert in the tri-state area on June 16th at Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino.
We met Christine at her press conference. She said, “After thirteen years, this is her first time to stand on a stage on the East coast. “America is where I was born. Since the first day I started singing on a stage, I have always had a dream that I would like to have my own ticketed concert in the United States. Words cannot express how excited I am right now. If you like FanFan, please come to enjoy my music.” FanFan greeted everyone with a warm smile at the press conference, and captured the audience’s heart with her strong performance thereafter.