Classic Japanese drinkhouse– Hane Hachi

By Jason Li

The first yakitori izakaya has opened in Flushing. This classic Japanese drink house called Hane Hachi carries the meaning of ‘the bird feather’. As soon as you walk in the door, you find yourself surrounded by a finely decorated traditional Japanese interior and the irresistible feeling that a different dining experience is about to begin.

The owner of Hane Hachi expressed to us that the theme of the restaurant is a giant birdcage symbolizing a location where people can enjoy their drinks along with a satisfying Japanese meal. The carefully crafted and visually stimulating décor resonates with the overall philosophy of the restaurant. The wooden lamps, tables and chairs, and the raw natural feel of the design, cannot be mistaken for anything other than what the owner had in mind when he envisioned this restaurant.

The excellent food is prepared by seasoned Japanese chefs who have dedicated most of their lives in the art of Japanese cuisine. As you sit down and start ordering the delicate Japanese drinks and the mouthwatering yakitori dishes, you will realize that the interior décor is much more deserving to the extraordinary dining experience you have now embarked upon. Hane Hachi serves several varieties of Japanese cuisine, including yakisoba, udon, sushi, and sashimi.

People who frequent Hane Hachi include everyday professionals who seek a place to enjoy drinks accompanied by appetite-satisfying dishes after a long day of work or anyone who enjoys good food and drink in a comfortable atmosphere. Hane Hachi is the first restaurant to bring the Japanese yakitori izakaya scene to Queens and it has positioned itself smartly to serve its customers and to ensure an excellent dining experience.