Classic Macau, Art work inspired by Macau

Classic Macau

Art work inspired by Macau

Information provided by Macau Government Tourist Office 

By Jenny Chen

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Macau, the result of cultural exchanges between East and West spanning over 400 years.

From April 23 to May 6, 2014, Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) hosted an exhibition entitled “Classic Macau: Artwork Inspired by Macau.” at the Wilkinson Gallery in New York Art Academy featuring the artwork of 10 U.S based artists who were influenced by Macau.

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Last December, MGTO hosted ten U.S.-based artists, including photographers, videographers, illustrators, and painters on a four-day trip to Macau. During their time in Macau, the artists had the opportunity to explore Macau on their own, and selected their inspiration artwork for exhibition when back in the U.S. The exhibit at the Wilkinson Gallery featured approximately 50 pieces of artwork, including videos, paintings, drawings, and photographs inspired by Macau.  This multi-media exhibit enabled the viewer to experience Macau’s extraordinary architecture, heritage, and culture through a variety of ways.

To celebrate the launch of the exhibit in New York, MGTO hosted a cocktail reception for the press on April 23rd, and Asian Fusion Magazine was pleased to be invited to join and talk with some of the artists.

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