by Annie Bi

When it comes to the craving for tapioca, CoCo Bubble Tea should be the first name you think of in New York City. In 1997, Co-founder Mr. Hung opened the first store in Taipei City, Taiwan, in response to his observations of declining trends in the traditional tea growing and trading business as the tastes and habits of the young generations evolved.

Based on CoCo’s corporate spirit of “Consistency and Continuity”, they have successfully expanded business into China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and the United States in the following years—which makes CoCo a leading brand in the freshly-made beverage industry. With over 3000 stores worldwide and over 20 stores in New York, CoCo NYC’s manager, Vicky, stated, “We insist on producing standardized products through uniform Standard Operating Procedure”, which explains CoCo’s persistency in producing professional and quality drinks around the world.

This summer, CoCo is preparing to introduce two seasonal products, Orange Bomb (Orange Green Tea) and Double C (Grapefruit Orange Green Tea) to satisfy New Yorkers’ craving for freshly-brewed beverages. With the need to cool off in summer, the freshness and pureness of Orange Bomb and Double C provide you with rich nutrients and diversified flavors. Except for seasonal special items, CoCo is also known for their wide selection of beverages that never let customers down.

Speaking of CoCo’s best selling products, interestingly, they vary a lot according to customers from different countries: Asians are always fans of bubble milk tea; Americans can’t resist the temptation of fresh fruit tea; most Europeans are more into iced tea. Furthermore, even every franchise in New York City has a different composition of customer bases; for example, branches in Flushing, Elmhurst, Chinatown, and Mott Street are mostly made up of Asians, while stores in 72nd Street, Grand Central Station, and John Street have higher chances to serve American or European customer.

If you try to take a look into the interior design of a CoCo store carefully, it isn’t too hard to discover the brick wall that only belongs to the stores in New York City. According to store manager, Vicky, “our boss considers the brick wall as people’s classic impressions toward NYC, and and hopes to integrate this element of vintage into CoCo’s brand images—modern, trendy, and innovative.” Knowingly, CoCo’s actions on improving a store’s interior design tell the public their complete thoughtfulness on serving customers.

No matter when you are thirsty, or at lunch break, even need a drink as a late night snack, don’t hesitate to come to CoCo Bubble Tea or visit their official website www/ to search the store nearest you !