Cover Girl Kaew: Dress Like You Mean It

By Loren Chaffee

Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand among a family of academics should have been a stressful life having to live up to high expectations, but for Kaew it wasn’t like that. Her family has always been supportive of her choices. As a little girl, Kaew dreamed of being a lawyer, of defending justice, and of helping those who cannot help themselves. Being a woman in law seemed so smart, so cool. She worked her entire life towards becoming a lawyer. After graduating from law school in Bangkok, Kaew realized that it wasn’t her calling. How did the little girl who had always wanted to be a lawyer end up on the cover of Asian Fusion? She knew there was more to life and more to the world as well as more to her than just a law degree.

While still in Thailand, our cover girl had a cushy job as a media coordinator for a magazine and a television station in Thailand. It was routine with the same issues, the same people, and the same everything. She longed to experience more of the world and to find herself just as most people in their 20s feel . . . some even call it a “quarter life crisis”. You may be lucky enough to have a stable job and good friends, but something calls to you to have adventures and question who you are – an existential crisis that affects a lot of people.

As so many women before her, Kaew wanted to come to the United States to find herself. New York seemed like a great place to go to gain life experiences and see more of the world all in one place. The diversity, the vibe, the amalgam of cultures, all drew her to our little metropolis. New York was the place to be for her, so she enrolled at NYU and began taking hotel management courses.
After looking at her photos, she seemed so professional and experienced in front of a camera. When I asked her if she had ever modeled before, she shared that she actually did have experience modeling. Having been in the media industry, she had made many friends in the magazine and television industries. She modeled from time to time for a small fashion magazine back in Thailand. Another friend who is an up and coming designer in Thailand has also had her model fresh designs. She never thought she would end up modeling for a magazine abroad like Asian Fusion and feels very fortunate for the opportunity. From the pictures, you can tell she had a great time and loved the camera. Don’t most girls dream to be on the cover of a magazine?

When I asked what she wanted to accomplish in the next five years, Kaew definitely had a plan. Like all successful and ambitious women, she would like to be an entrepreneur, perhaps own and run a boutique hotel. She is also interested in journalism and broadcasting. She wants to get married and start a family while she is still young enough to enjoy it all. She said she’s lucky to be alive in this time period where it is easier for women to be accepted in positions of power, and women have the power to make their own decisions. For all of those women out there who want to also be on the cover of a magazine, here is Kaew’s advice: “You have to love to pose, love the camera, and love fashion! Health is your most important asset, so stay in shape and exercise often.”

Kaew is currently interning at Yum Yum Too Thai restaurant to gain experience in the restaurant industry as she pursues her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and enjoying New York to its fullest.


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