Cover Girl Supermodel – Gift



By Sanique Lim

With a supermodel’s perfect figure, standing almost six feet tall, and a facial expression that always indicates there’s a story underneath, this is Gift, Asian Fusion Magazine’s Cover Girl for Fall 2012.

Recently relocated back to New York City , Gift admits she’s one of the people who would still look up to the tall building in the city in awe and amazement. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Gift decided to pack up her things in 2011 after earning her Masters degree in Television & Film at CHULALONGKORN University in Thailand, and travel halfway across the globe to pursue her dream in the capital of fashion.

“Maybe for 2 or 3 years I will be staying here in New York City, utilizing all the opportunities I have to learn more about the modeling industry”, Gift told us. “I just walk in to the model agencies seeking any available opportunity; and everything so far is going well!”

Indeed, with her figure that perfectly fits any requirement from designers or clients, she was discovered as a model seven years ago. Gift has worked with with Famous magazine in Asia, the “IMAGE” for Chanel Camelot collection, “The Magazine”, and Garzia. She has modeled at both Bangkok Fashion Week and Elle Fashion Week in 2010 & 2011, participating in more than seven shows each year. She was also featured in advertising campaigns for Loreal, and appeared in several designer shows during this September’s New York Fashion Week.

Currently studying at the School of Visual Art (SVA) for filming, Gift has actually already planned her future. With her heart actually still tied to her beloved hometown, Gift wants to utilize her experience in modeling and film she obtained in New York City to establish her own business in film production when she returns to Bangkok. However, when aked to choose between modeling and film producing, Gift couldn’t help but enthusiastically tell us she wants to do both together, and give it her very best.

“New York City equals shopping, eating, and shopping again!” She has her favorite spot in NYC – the Japanese restaurants and bars found in the St. Mark’s area in the East Village. Gift says she would never gain weight from eating sushi and sashimi, and thus she would just eat as much without any concern as being a model. Typically, the biggest concern of a model is their daily dressing style and sense of fashion. Gift prefers simple and comfortable street wear. Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Converse undoubtedly have become some of her favorite brands; however for a more classy style, Gift prefers ZARA, “the love of every girl,” she says.

With tremendous experiences in both modeling and fashion, Gift pledges to gain as much knowledge as she can in New York City, the facade she claims is the melting pot of fashion and art in the world.