Crossing Art

By Ching Yu Lin

With star-like quality, make-up free natural beauty, white free-flowing jacket and a clean, simple modern look, Catherine Lee, the gallery owner of Crossing Art, greets every visitor as if they were a good friend. As we entered the gallery, her warm smile said “welcome” before even a word was spoken.

Displaying a true love for the art in her gallery, Ms. Lee is both sweet and humble, and truly loves what she does. Although her working experience has been in real estate development and private equity, with a masters degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University, Ms. Lee is extremely comfortable and has a passion for the Asian art that surrounds her. Along with all this, Ms. Lee is the distinguished managing director for F & T Group, the developer that was responsible for Queens Crossing.

Crossing Art is Flushing’s largest and only contemporary art gallery. It serves as an active platform for the multicultural community in Flushing to interact with artworks and artists from abroad and those located locally. Crossing Art’s mission is to enable critical social, cultural, and aesthetic dialogue at an international level through art. Known for its highly successful Flushing Cow Parade in 2009, Crossing Art continues to play an important role in displaying art that stimulates both the visual and cerebral senses.

Ms. Lee is a strong believer in making art more publicly accessible to the local community. Many Flushing residents still talk fondly of the 2009 “Home for the Holidays” public sculpture by Benjamin S. Jones and the 2010 “Relight your Recyclables” green initiative public art project conceived by Lin Shih Pao. “Relight your Recyclables”, with help from the community, resulted in a 28’ high tree that was made of more than 10,000 recycled water bottles on display outdoors in the heart of Flushing.

Crossing Art’s upcoming exhibition, “Going Green”, will be on view from August 13 – September 11, 2011. “Going Green” will present innovative artworks and proposals that integrate natural systems with human patterns while celebrating continuity, uniqueness, and place making. The exhibition will feature local and international artists, architects, and designers whose artworks, architectural models, and design explore contemporary meanings of “green”.

Ms. Lee takes great pride in being able to bring noteworthy contemporary artists here to New York from such faraway places as China, India, Korea and Japan, to name a few. Ms. Lee gets the most satisfaction when she is able to present and discover emerging, ground-break- ing and talented artists in her gallery. The variety of art found at Crossing Art can include photography, sculpture, film, video instalations and other cutting edge mediums. She is an active member of the Queens community serving on the board of directors of the Queens Council of Arts and the Queens Library Foundation. Ms. Lee is pleased by the encouragement and support she receives from both the community at large as well as the business and community leaders in and around Flushing.

Crossing Art is the destination to see exhibitions of Asian and Asian-American contemporary art…admission is free and can come with a personalized curatorial tour from Catherine herself! What are you waiting for?