Welcome to the first U.S. restaurant by one of China’s most famous and influential Chefs, simply known as DaDong. Located in the world’s most prominent location, just east of the heart of Times Square, the restaurant occupies 12,932 square feet on the second and third floors of The Cube Building.

The restaurant has two main dining rooms with the second floor offering an energetic, stylish, sexy, and slightly gritty atmosphere and the third floor offering a more refined and elegant dining room. Designed by George Wong Design, it also includes a 3,785-square-foot outdoor garden on the second floor and an 858-square-foot outdoor terrace on the third floor, along with a few private dining rooms. The entire venue accommodates over 400 guests.

With nine restaurants in Beijing, and two in Shanghai, DaDong is world famous for his Roast Peking Duck, which is a main feature in the New York City restaurant. In addition, a full menu of Chef Dong’s refined Chinese offerings are served, such as the Braised Sea Cucumber, Snowflake Wagyu with Sichuan Preserved Vegetables, Braised Abalone with White Truffle, and White Chocolate with Cream Cheese, to name a few.

Various prime ministers, presidents, princes, and First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as Chefs Feran Adria, Heston Blumenthal, and Alain Ducasse, are counted among many of DaDong’s loyalists.

Our a la Carte menu is available on our 2nd floor main dining room, lounge area and outdoor garden. You may also enjoy any of our tasting menus on this floor – the only requirement for the tasting menus on this level is full table participation.


DaDong is the perfect venue for hosting the most elegant celebrations and events. It is conveniently located in the heart of NYC on 42nd Street at Bryant Park.  DaDong celebrates the best of Chinese Cuisine using only the finest ingredients. Whether you are hosting a social event or a corporate gathering, we have the perfect space for you.  The restaurant boasts 3 floors, 2 upscale dining rooms and 2 gorgeous outdoor terraces.  Your guests will enjoy unparalleled attention to detail and exceptional service. We will assist you in managing all the special details from decorations to coordination of menus and vendors. Our mission at DaDong is to make your event a truly unforgettable experience.

Chef Dong

The Beijing-born chef, DaDong, has travelled far and wide in pursuit of what his menu proclaims is his “artistic conception of Chinese cuisine,” also known as DaDong YiJing cuisine. While global culinary trends went from authentic to fusion, from traditional to molecular, DaDong proceeded further to involve the mental and spiritual pleasures in dining with his Yijing cuisine. DaDong’s Yijing or “transcendental” culinary creations are the visual metaphor of poetry on the plate, embarking the senses on a gastronomic journey from the table to the landscape of farms and nature from where the ingredients are gathered.

“I’m a Chinese chef, so my philosophy is to always focus on Chinese food,” Chef Dong says. “But, I draw upon other places and peoples, ingredients and techniques to make my food great.”

Indeed, cuisine from various Chinese regions and even classic French and Italian cooking are all part of the chef’s repertoire in a food career that has spanned 35 years.