Delicious Food, Even Better Prices—Full House


By Carly Spindel

Being a native New Yorker, I’ve been to my fare share of restaurants. I’m a Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean food lover, so I thought I knew everything there was to know about Asian food. Well, after dining at Full House Café, I realized I was mistaken.

After five minutes at Full House Café, I was shocked. I opened the menu and saw an array of pictures of all the delightful looking dishes. Immediately, I wanted to order everything. Especially when I saw the mind-boggling prices. For just $15, you could have a field day! I decided to take the waiter’s advice and try all of the Full House specialties. Once the food came out, I was once again blown away.

I don’t eat meat, so I stuck to seafood. Not only was everything extremely reasonably priced, but it tasted like a little bit of Heaven. The food was so good I felt like I was doing something illegal by eating it. Chef Mei Kun Chen should really win an award for his amazing cooking skills. In the 1980s, before being head chef at Full House Café, he worked at The Garden Hotel Guangzhou where he used to cook for the President of Singapore. Lucky for us New Yorkers, he came to America. And thank goodness for that because his food is so good you’ll feel guilty leaving anything on your plate.

Between the delectable seafood puffs, stuffed shrimp with shredded taro cake, and seafood shumai, I loved them all. Too much, in fact, to make a decision about which was my favorite. The dishes were unique and all made from scratch. Ending my meal with dessert, I had the coconut, mango, and red bean pudding. I’ve never tasted anything so original and absolutely incredible. As if that wasn’t enough, I had a sweet sesame puff, which is a Full House specialty. The sesame paste was probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

And then there’s the décor. An esteemed interior decorator was hired to turn the restaurant into the haven that it is. The restaurant is a cross between modern decoration and a hip South Beach nightclub. For a venue that opened in May 2010, Full House Café has everything going for it. Between the Samsung plasma TV’s on the wall, and the big booths that have interchangeable colored lights, I never wanted to leave.

Incredibly delicious food, extremely helpful waiters, and a hip atmosphere makes Full House Café on the top of my list for affordable restaurants. After my fantastic time there, I’m certain I’ll become one of their regular customers. Chances are, you will too!