Discovering Columbus-Tatzu Nishi

Have you had a chance to pass by Columbus Circle lately? If so, you would definitely notice the house in the picture below. If you don’t know what it is, then finish reading the following article!!!

Tatzu Nishi, a Japanese artist living in Berlin and Tokyo is known internationally for his temporary works of art that transform our experience of monuments, statues, and architectural details. He has created unconventional, site-specific public art projects around the world, transforming historical monuments by placing them in domestic settings. His works remove traditional statues from their everyday contexts to create surprising, intimate encounters with familiar monuments, making them accessible to the public in new ways. For his first public project in the United States, Nishi has chosen to focus on the historic statue of Christopher Columbus.

This Exhibition is only open till November 18, 2012. If you haven’t seen it, you should reserve your free passes now!

For more information please check: Public Art Fund