Donnie Yen – Hong Kong Megastar Master of Martial Arts

By Sanique Lim

With the popularity of Donnie Yen, the Hong Kong Megastar of Martial Arts, and famous Hong Kong movie director Ho Cheung Pang at the New York Asian Film Festival, the Hong Kong movie industry has once again proven itself on the international stage. It was greeted in New York with both cheers and fast-selling tickets during the event!

With the theme of this year 2012, “Return of The King: Hong Kong Movies 15 years After the Handover”, presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the Hong Kong movie industry has indeed retaken the crown as the top film producers in Asia, meantime collaborate with the huge celebration date of Hong Kong and China after the return of 15 years.

Anita Chan, the director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York, said in Lincoln Center, it is remarkable that the Hong Kong movie industry of 15 years’ tremendous contributions, are presenting in the New York Asian Film Festival this year with its uniqueness.

“In 2011, the top 10 box-office movies in China actually consisted of 6 films that were related to the Hong Kong film industry, creating a new climax to the industry again”, saidAnita Chan. The Dragon (Wu Xia), and The Lost Bladesman are two of the top ten box-office movies that were screened at the New York Asian Film Festival.

The most noticeable event other than the return of Hong Kong movies, was megastar Donnie Yen. He has represented the international Hong Kong blockbuster the way no else has. As the first Hong Kong megastar who has his image in the New York Empire State building, Donnie Yen represents a new era in the Hong Kong film industry, practically guaranteeing that Hong Kong film would have gone international as a result of his appearance in the movie.

Two of his Ip Man movies have both become a massive hits across Asia and United States, leading the trend of Wing-Chun martial arts even in New York City local community! His other films like Killzone (SPL: Sha Po Lang), Dragon (Wu Xia), and the Lost Bladesman have played to enthusiastic crowds from Cannes and Canada, to Hong Kong and Beijing. He’s now undoubtedly well known around the globe.

Speaking about the challenges he has faced, Donnie said the difficulty is on how to amend the general impression of audiences on him as a martial artist, while also discovering the charisma of a martial artist. Witnessing his martial art films that have influenced over thousands and thousands people in the world, Donnie Yen claimed that a martial art movie has no boundary of language and it could impress people by the beauty of the art, such as Wingchun.