Drink Yourself to Good Heath—Ten Ren

By Stephanie Sakellarides

One of the most famous soothing beverages that the US has inherited from Asia is green tea. Not only is green tea a tasty drink, it is proven to be a healthy choice for most coffee drinkers. Now, right here in New York City, one company called Ten Ren Tea and Ginseng is among the largest tea importers in the world.

Ten Ren provides wall-to-wall containers of the most authentic green tea from Asia, which are brewed to cleanse the body of toxins, please the senses and lighten spirits. Mostly green tea I see Asian restaurants, but  Ten Ren has spread a great awareness of green teas’ exciting tastes and healthy benefits.

The employees of Ten Ren develop their tea through a traditional Chinese method of soaking leaves, while infusing flavor of gin and spice. The most important part of creating this authentic tea is to use most green and flavorful leaves. Ten Ren’s non-fermented teas are considered to be the most elegant. Such flavors are Dragon Well Green Tea, which is Taiwan-grown and Gunpowder, a mild tea. Other widespread flavors include semi-fermented teas, like Pouchong Green, Jasmine, Ti Kuan Yin, which are all strong teas. The most popular fermented tea like the black tea, are commonly used in most Chinese restaurants.

Ten Ren, originating in Taiwan, has now made its way to New York’s very own Chinatown. Located on 79 Mott Street, you will be entranced by the aroma of the store and intrigued by the exotic tastes. Ren Ten provides fun tasting tables where customers can sit and sip different tea samples, which change each day, creating an exciting experience for all consumers, regular and new. Besides Ten Ren’s original location in Chinatown, this flourishing tea brewing business is also located at 138 Lafayette St., 135-18 Roosevelt Ave. in Flushing, 5817 8th Ave. in Brooklyn, and 83-28 Broadway in Elmhurst.

For those health fanatics, now you can enjoy a soothing cup of tea, without counting the calories. Green Tea, among other Asian teas, is considered to be the most valuable towards good health. Most studies taken in Asia show that those who drank Green Tea daily, lowered rates of lung cancer, stomach cancer and skin tumors, as well as lowered blood cholesterol. Green tea also contains great amounts vitamin C. Two small cups of this delightful green tea are equivalent to one full cup of orange juice.

With dozens of varieties of tea to choose from and a total of 6 stores here in New York, Ten Ren works hard to meet the demands of customers who are looking to add more green to their diet.