Elegance in Form—B. Tiff Store

By Bonnie Chan

In 1999, B. Tiff pioneered its first line of jewelry, launching beautiful pieces that combined state-of-the-art technology with stunning form. The designers’ goal was to create jewelry that would not only be long-lasting, but versatile and unique as well. One look around the New York location, situated on the edge of Chinatown, will confirm B. Tiff’s success in this endeavor: unique rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and watches all glimmer tantalizingly in glass cases. Feminine, slender pieces accented with sparkling stones, such as the popular Heart-shaped Pendant, make perfect gifts for any girlfriend or wife, while tougher, bolder pieces provide sophisticated state­ments for a boyfriend or husband. The simplic­ity and elegance of B. Tiff jewelry makes it a perfect accent for every occasion — it easily complements dressy attire, and adds a stylish touch to more casual, everyday wear.

B. Tiff’s wide and varied selection is offered in such materials as ceramic, black titanium, and tungsten; however, the majority of the creations are constructed out of stainless steel. This durable material has emerged from spa water tests spotless, proof of its resistance to tarnish, deformation, or oxidization — B. Tiff jewelry has been designed to withstand the impact of everyday wear and tear.

Additionally, B. Tiff rings utilize the tension setting, a special setting which suspends the stone beautifully between the materials instead of embedded within. The stone appears to float in midair, an impression likely to evoke aston­ishment from others. No harsh chemicals or irritating adhesive is used to create this effect — two hundred pounds of pressure is applied against stainless steel in order to suspend the stone. The effect is stunning and distinct, allowing the stone to be bathed in light and seen from top to bottom without any obscura­tion.

Finally, the jewelry is crowned with the Princess Star, the first New Genera­tion Cubic Zirconia boasting an “eight-point star” pattern, cut and polished to ideal diamond standards. Fashioned using elements of Swarovski Crystal and directly comparable to the Moissanite Diamond, these stones are guaranteed to never cloud or lose their luster.

At B. Tiff, one can be assured of finding unique jewelry that is simultane­ously memorable and enduring, making it a wonderful, thoughtful gift for yourself or a significant other.

The B. Tiff line is currently carried in around 500 stores in the United States, and in overseas locations such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.


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