Elliot Bassman–An artist in Jackson Height

What a privilege it is to be invited into the inner sanctum of this artist’s residence in Jackson Heights. Immediately upon entering this Pre-war, original Co-op you are greeted by many works of art… you have just met Elliot.

Elliot Bassman’s work is full of life’s joys. His use of color reflects his joyous personality. Elliot ‘s art decorates many residences in the Heights. Either high above, tucked into a corner, framed by a doorway, or on the door itself, you will find the signs of an artistic energy harnessed.

Among his public collections are Elmhurst Hospital, the Library of Congress and the halls of City College of New York. A Queens curator as well, his work has been reproduced in the local Queens news-papers.

Upon graduation from Columbia, Elliot Bassman maintained a studio in upper Manhattan, painted many cityscapes, still lifes, and portraits. On a steady basis, he drew from models with Rackstraw Downes at his upper west side studio.

Elliot started to wark part-time for the James Goodman Gallery, then located on Madison Avenue. The experience heightened his artistic endeavors. Not only did he learn about the business of art, but also had the unique fortune to hold up close works by 20th century masters. Elliot frequently visited the private collections of major collectors and dealers. He became known for his ability to install art work and he installed two exhibits for Linda McCartney and Roy Lichtenstein’s first drawing retrospective. From 1984 until 1996, Elliot continued to work part-time – either for other galleries, private dealing, or teaching. During these years and beyond, he has exhibited in many venues: in galleries from Germany to Alaska, Sotheby’s contemporary , White Columns Gallery, numerous Jewish Art galleries, the entire center window of Bergdorf Goodman, painted a fiberglass cow, curated and participated in several non-profit lower east side galleries.