EQUITANCE A Holistic Approach to Brightening Skincare


A Holistic Approach to Brightening Skincare

By Ian Hsu

Equitance skincare, a new and unique Sunstar brand to the US market, launched six products in June 2014. Asian Fusion Magazine was happy to attend this exciting launch event.

This integrated skin care line was 18 years in the making. Dr. Annie Chiu, Board-Certified Cosmetic and General Dermatologist was the first speaker at the event.  She explained that in Asian countries, treatment for pigmentation has been a major focus of skincare; thus they are far more ahead of the West in that research area. In the US market, the products are mostly focused on treating wrinkles. In many Asian countries such as Japan, clear, bright, radiant, porcelain-like skin has always been a sign of youth and social status. Over the last two decades, Sunstar researchers and scientists isolated the key factors that hinder radiance: specifically, dark spots and uneven skin tone and the appearance of discolorations they create.  Based on this research, Equitance uses two key components to target dark spots within select formulas.  This includes an effective ingredient with clinically proven brightening power, combined with the second, a patented delivery system that uses microcapsules that resemble the multilayered membrane of the epidermis. Through this sustained delivery system, linoleic acid, which is a brightening ingredient, is released over time, resulting in a more even texture and tone. To supplement the brightening treatments Equitance skincare also works to hydrate skin using natural ingredients like Cherry Blossom Left Extract and Shell Ginger Extract.


The second important speaker of the event was Ms. Mitzi Dulan, Registered Dietitian and America’s Nutrition Expert. She spoke about the holistic approach that this product line was built on.  In Japan, people believe that beautiful skin comes from skincare and the way a woman simply cares for herself – from what she eats and how she treats her body to how she cares for her skin. Inner and outer beauty should go together to deliver that ultimate radiant skin.  It depends on what food you eat, what exercises you do, and what supplements you take.  Equitance offers a dietary supplement that supports radiance from within the body. This dietary supplement contains an exclusive blend of herbs and antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Hesperidin, which provides nutrition while supporting overall wellness. The inclusion of a supplement within Equitances’ offerings positions them as a brand that works to perfect inner and outer beauty through topical skincare and diet, offering a complete 360 degree approach to holistic beauty.

The six products in the skincare line are:

Brightening Foaming Cleanser, $30

Brightening Toning Lotion, $50

Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector, $125

Hydrating Brightening Cream, $70

Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 36, $30

Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement, $50, 180 tablets

Grounded in Japanese tradition, Equitance is a high performance skin care line that will make you beautiful from inside out. The brand has a strategy to target Asian American market.

The products are available for purchase at Equitance-us.com

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