EVA Nears Top of Global Airline Safety Index, Ranks 3rd

EVA Nears Top of Global Airline Safety Index, Ranks 3rd

Annual AERO International ranking scrutinizes 60 largest carriers

 EVA-TOP 3 World Safest Airline

Taiwan-based EVA Air ranks third among the world’s safest airlines on the annual index reported by Germany’s AERO International Magazine. After ranking among the top 10 seven times since 2004, EVA rose from 5th on last year’s list to achieve its highest score. The publication’s 2014 assessments were released in its February 2015 edition on January 16. With its safety programs, consistent record and high standards, EVA has solid standing among leading international airlines and ranks just behind Cathay Pacific Airways and Emirates on the AERO International list.

 “EVA Air ranking significantly shows the high level of safety air traffic has now reached around the globe. It is good to see that airlines do not content themselves with what they have already achieved but work hard and continuously to make their operational services still safer,” said AERO International Editor-in-Chief Dietmar Plath.

EVA is also ranked among the world’s top-10 safest airlines in website AirlineRatings.com’s recently released analyses. EVA has not had any flight losses or fatalities since it was established. Safety and quality service have been EVA priorities from the beginning.

“We established EVA in 1989 and observed our 25th anniversary in 2014. Our third-place ranking is only a small fraction below assessments for the older, larger carriers that ranked first and second. This is exhilarating for us and makes our anniversary milestone even more meaningful,” said EVA Chairman K. W. Chang.

He added, “We work hard to achieve operations with no flight losses or fatalities. Safety is the most important part of every flight. Our quality service would not be possible without full attention to every aspect of operations. Recognition by this respected publication not only demonstrates EVA’s outstanding performance but also highlights the cutting-edge competitiveness of Taiwan’s aviation industry.”

With performance, EVA has also demonstrated zero-defects in IATA’s Operational Safety Audits (IOSA) that have taken place every two years since 2005.

Published monthly, AERO International focuses on civil aviation. It bases its annual safety rankings on analyses by Germany’s Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC), an organization established in 1989 that, today, monitors more than 1,000 flight operators and serves as a reliable source for aviation safety information. JACDEC determines annual overall rankings by comparing an index value of each airline’s accumulated operations with those of other carriers and considers factors such as fleet age, serious flight accidents within the last 10 years and flight losses within the past 30 years. JACDEC’s criteria include:

  • Fatalities,
  • Hull-loss accidents,
  • Serious incidents,
  • Accident-free years,
  • Transparency of country of origin,
  • IOSA membership,
  • Years of operations,
  • Cumulative passenger data for past 30 years and Annual revenue passengers (RPK).

The complete JACDEC list is available at http://www.jacdec.de/airline-safety-ranking-2015/

About EVA Air:

EVA Air, a Star Alliance member, was formed in 1989 as Taiwan’s first privately owned international airline. It is part of the respected Evergreen Group and a sister company to global container-shipping leader Evergreen Line. It flies to more than 60 international destinations throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America with a fleet of close to 70 Boeing and Airbus aircraft. With just one easy stop in Taipei, travelers can connect onward to most major cities throughout Asia, including more than 30 destinations in China.

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