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Everlyn Ho is a beauty artist who combines make-up and skincare with her unique and superior techniques to successfully create a beautiful look for many women. She has already been very successful in a career that primarily focuses on beauty.  Thousands of Ms. Ho’s customers have been transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Known for her LaPeau Day Spa services and treatments, Ms. Ho is also the Beauty consultant for not only the New York Chinese Beauty pageant, but also a variety of television shows. Some of her proudest achievements have been the recognition and awards she has received in the beauty industry throughout her career.

Asian Fusion spoke with President and Beauty Consultant to the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant, Everyln Ho, the woman behind the pageant.

AF: When you are not busy running the pageant, you are an accomplished beautician and proprietress of La Peau Day Spa in Soho. Was it a childhood dream to be in the beauty industry?

EH: Actually, I studied dermatology at a medical hospital. Chinese medicines and holistic treatments were not unfamiliar fields in my family. We’ve already had several doctors. So, when it came to studying dermatology, my folks were very encouraging. It was a natural progression to move on to make-up; once you understand the workings of the inside, you can then prettify the outside.

AF: True. Is that your idea of beauty?

EH: Yes, beauty is more than skin deep. It is not superficial, but should shine, sincerely, from the inside out. In fact, we emphasize this aspect a lot during the pageant. The minders keep track of every participant’s conduct in terms of relating within and outside the circle; having camaraderie and a truly caring spirit play a part in the final decision.

AF: What do you believe you have brought to the pageant?

EH: All my predecessors made unique contributions, but I like to believe that my experience counted for something, and I hope my contribution was useful. If there’s something I want the participants to bring home from the pageant, I want them to know that women can and should be independent.  And empathetic.  Empathy is one of the greatest female traits.

AF: Have you taken part in a beauty pageant?

EH: (laughs) If I were still in the same age groups as the participants, I would!  Unfortunately, the climate wasn’t right when I was younger. If I had a daughter, I would definitely send her for the pageant. Unfortunately, I don’t have a daughter. The pageant period is a time of intensive training, and we really provide the best there is – grooming, etiquette, presence, confidence, and even acting training!  I think it is even better than summer camp.  If only I had a daughter!

She has successfully combined the methodology of Chinese beauty with a deep understanding of the meaning of beauty in western culture. She expertly designs and develops the most safe and suitable beauty treatments for each of her customers, on an individual basis. Everlyn Ho is the creator and exclusive provider of her 6-D Make-up Method, a semi-permanent process with long-lasting results.  This method is currently one of the hottest trends in the field of make-up and beauty.

AF: Can you describe the different treatments and services that you offer at LaPeau Day Spa?

EH: Our beauty treatments and enhancements include Ecological Art Eyebrows, 3-dimensional eye line enhancements, Fruit jelly-like lips, Ultrasonic skin lifts, Needle-free Microinjections, Utherapy, Endermology, OPT and hair removal, Cryolipolysis and Weight loss and slimming.

The LaPeau beauty group has long been recognized as pioneers in the science and methodology of beauty, and is often found on the top of many beauty consultant’s lists of the best places to receive the best beauty treatments.

AF:  How have your years in the beauty industry contributed to the success of your 6D Make-up Method?

EH: Years of experience and innovation, combined with consulting and judging projects, have all played a part, both large and small, in the successful creation of 6D Make-up Method. The design of eyebrows is one of the primary steps to beauty.  The design should be based on a client’s own eyebrow feature, arch type, and symmetry on both sides. The color of the dye should be based on the color of both the skin and hair of the client.  The direction should follow the direction that the eyebrow naturally grows.  Depth, intensity and skills are all crucial; color at the start and end of the eyebrow could be darker and more intensive in between. This is what is called “essence”. Most importantly, the connection between lightness and darkness needs to be smooth.

AF: Your customers have said that you have impeccable taste, a real eye for elegance.  Could you elaborate on that?

EH: I believe that it is my innate responsibility to spread the beauty. I hope that everyone who comes in contact with my brush is transformed into an angel.”

Everlyn believes that everyone is a work of art; beauty and fashion are vastly different. One cannot blindly keep up with fashion because tastes in clothes can change in an instant, but permanent makeup will stick with you for several years.

AF: The business of beauty and make-up is ever-evolving.  Your thoughts?

EH: A natural look is another feature of my personalized, custom design. From the design of the eyebrows to client’s character, temperament, and face, these multiple facets are taken into consideration for a comprehensive design from the heart. The intersection of aesthetics and philosophies, the combination of external beauty and inner beauty can bring out one’s best self!

Most people think that makeup is only skin deep and does not merit further pursuit of knowledge. In reality, permanent makeup is not only a good skill, but it can be elevated into a kind of artistic expression. And the finest art is priceless!  Semi-permanent makeup involves a wide range of skills from aesthetics to photography, psychology to image design, color science to medicine, through which imperfect features can be modified.

AF: So, what is the ultimate goal of semi-permanent makeup?

EH: Semi-permanent makeup of the highest quality can be identified by two characteristics: the epitome of technique where a client looks natural and flawless, bringing out and enhancing the client’s best self.”