Everlyn Ho- Founder of La Peau Day Spa

(By Helen Yang)

Winter is coming all too soon. Now is the time to get your skin and look ready for the changing season. La Peau Spa director, Everlyn Ho, who has been dedicated to the skin care industry for over 20 years, provides us with some helpful tips to keep your skin glowing and looking healthy all throughout winter.
To begin, facial cleanliness is a step that can’t be ignored. Foam washing is a much better way to cleanse your skin because it cleans your skin more deeply. Since winter is the driest season in New York, hydration is always the most important concern. Remember to drink plenty of water. Regularly using a moisturizing facial mask is also good for keeping your face hydrated. Due to the dryness, there may be some slight wrinkles appearing especially around eyes, so applying some eye cream before going to bed can help prevent that from occurring. Even though it’s winter, don’t forget to do sun protection during the day.
As for make-up trends during the winter months, what are some trendy colors for the season? Everlyn recommends orange, gold and silver. These would be some of the good choices. Smoky-eyes is also one of the popular styles for this season, especially when attending holiday parties. If you need to buy new cosmetic products, selecting products that contain skin care ingredients will be healthier. La Peau Spa has its own cosmetic lines which provide not only make-up but also skin care and healing functions.
In addition to self-care at home, making appointments for spa treatments regularly can add extra benefits for your skin. For example, the Collagen Plus and Dermalift Skin Regeneration Treatment service that La Peau Spa offers are great during the winter season. The collagen helps to hydrate and smooth out your skin. The latter one is purely a mechanical method to stimulate the skin’s own repair system and revitalize all the skin’s functions. It can also reduce mimic wrinkles and improve the skin’s elasticity. More than any of the four seasons, Winter is the best time to do a skin peeler session. Remember, being healthy inside and out is the best skin care and make-up style you can ever put on!

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