Everlyn Ho-Woman Behind the Pageant

Everlyn Ho

Woman Behind the Pageant

by Rigche Ma 


The Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant wrapped up after three months of vigorous training and competition. With the
motto, “Ignite Today’s Dream, Achieve Tomorrow’s Splendor,” this pageant has a reputation for producing beauty queens who go on to embrace notable entertainment careers on the international stage. Now in its thirteenth year, 2014 even saw the debut patronage of the State of New York – among them I LOVE NY and the Empire State Development Division of Tourism. Unbeknownst to the public, this pageant was also the first time a woman held her reign.

Asian Fusion spoke to President and Beauty Consultant to the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant, Everyln Ho, the woman behind the pageant.


AF: When you are not busy running the pageant, you are an accomplished beautician and proprietress of La Peau Day Spa in Soho. Was it a childhood dream to be in the beauty industry?

EH: Actually, I studied dermatology at a medical hospital. Chinese medicines and holistic treatments were not unfamiliar fields in my family. We’ve already had several doctors. So, with dermatology, my folks were very encouraging. It was a natural progression to move on to make-up; once you understand the workings of the inside, you can prettify the outside.

AF: True. Is that your idea of beauty?

EH: Yes, beauty is more than skin deep. It is not superficial, but should shine, sincerely, from inside out. In fact, we emphasize this aspect a lot during the pageant. The minders keep track of every participant’s conduct in terms of relating within and outside the circle; having camaraderie and a truly caring spirit play a part in the final decision.

AF: What do you think you brought to the pageant?


EH: All my predecessors made unique contributions, but I like to believe that my experience counted for something, and I hope my contribution was useful. If there’s something I want the participants to bring home from the pageant, I want them to know that women can and should be independent. And empathetic. Empathy is one of the greatest female traits.

AF: Have you taken part in a beauty pageant?

EH: (laughs) If I were still in the same age groups as the participants, I would! Unfortunately, the climate wasn’t right when I was younger. If I had a daughter, I would definitely send her for the pageant. Unfortunately, I don’t have a daughter. The pageant period is a time of intensive training, and we really provide the best there is – grooming, etiquette, presence, confidence, and even acting training! I think it is even better than summer camps. If only I had a daughter!

Well-groomed and elegant, with the freshness of a 28 year old, Everlyn Ho’s every pore screams cosmopolitan. Originally from Guangzhou, China, Everlyn and her family immigrated to the United States in the 90s. Everlyn is also the Founder of Make Up Rite – a brand of make-up and skin care products. She shares her flair for beauty by training and supervising La Peau Day Spa beauticians. She also attends to clients personally.


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