Exotic & Beautiful Mongolian Model

By: Winson Chang

Asian Fusion spent some time getting to know beautiful Mongolian model Nomi
Ganbold. Read our interview below, and you’ll see why.
AF: When and how did you get started in modeling?
NG: I started modeling right after college in 2009 in Boston, MA. A friend of mine wanted me to go to an interview with a local modeling agency called “Model Club”. I went, and I got accepted. That’s how my professional modeling career started. Since I was a little girl, I was always into fashion and style. I always dressed nice, just like my mother! My mother was my biggest role model.
AF: What made you decide to come to the US? And why Boston, and then New York?
NG: My mother always made sure that I went to the best high school and learned more than three different languages. Because of its highly-ranked educational system, she picked the United States. I graduated from Newbury College with a degree in Finance. A year later, I started earning my Masters in Business Management with a concentration in Show Director/Event Planner. My passion is 100% Fashion. Everyday I breathe fashion.
New York was my dream city and where I wanted to settle down. As far as moving to New York, it just happened. I made my decision pretty much in one week, and it was truly one of the wildest decisions I have ever made. New York City never sleeps! I can’t see myself sitting behind a desk all day, everyday. I like to run around, travel the world. My dream is to be known internationally as a model and an actress! So New York is the perfect city to start my journey to make my dream come true. I am truly in the right place right now!
AF: Did you find any difficulties being an Asian and Mongolian model or actress in the United States?
NG: Very exciting question. It always surprises people I meet when I tell them I am Mongolian. I am usually the first person that they have ever met from Mongolia. People have so many questions about Mongolia and I love talking about my country, the history, the people, and our culture! As far as being a model/actress and an Asian and Mongolian in the US, I actually feel special. Most of the organizations, companies and agencies want to have a diverse, international look, so they are always looking for Asian models and actresses, and it can actually make the job easier.
AF: We are really interested in Mongolian culture. Would you like to talk about some traditional clothing and food? For example, I know that Deel is the traditional clothing of Mongolia. What kind of special occasions do you need to wear it? Can you share more details about it with us?
NG: As I mentioned earlier, I love talking about my country. I am beyond proud to be Mongolian! I love Mongolian food. It’s very simple, yet also very delicious. We eat a lot of beef and lamb, but not much chicken. I can actually compare Mongolian food more to Russian food than any other Asian food. We don’t use that many spices, or use chopsticks. And we have the second biggest dessert in the world, Gobi, which I love very much!
As for the clothing, people who live outside of the city still wear Deel everyday. It’s comfortable and very warm. Almost everyone wears Deel for the Mongolian New Year. Deel is created and designed with fur on the inside, and beautiful silk material on the outside and decorated with many different prints.
One of my next big projects here in New York City is to bring one of the most talented Mongolian traditional clothing designers in for New York Fashion Week. It will be absolutely amazing!
AF: What are some of the latest events youhave been involved in? What kind of work are you doing for 2013 Couture Fashion Week? And how are you excited about it?
NG: As an event planner and show producer, I have worked for Couture Fashion Awards in NYC as the assistant international Casting Director. Couture Fashion Week concentrates on getting designers and models from different countries, which to me is really exciting. This past season I invited the first ever designer and models from Mongolia. And it was a huge deal in the Mongolian fashion industry because no other designers had showcased their designs in NYC before. And that was one of my biggest accomplishments since I moved to NYC almost a year ago. All the modeling agencies in Mongolia prepare their models to the limit as far as their runway walk. This includes posing in front of the camera, how to do make-up and hair, how to walk, how to communicate, how to socialize, and so much more. I was very proud to see them on the runway! For the next season, I want to bring even more talented designers to the United States from Mongolia, and continue to introduce my culture, my people, and our history through fashion.
AF: You are a very multi-talented person. You’ve been a model, actress, event planner, and fashion show producer. How would you best describe yourself?
NG: I like to challenge myself. I think I get that from my mother. I grew up watching my mother doing everything by herself and being a very successful businesswoman and to me, the #1 mother in the world. So, as her only daughter, I got all her best qualities. I want to be ready and experienced when the time comes for me to shine bright. And to make my mother proud of me!
AF: What’s your next step? What are your future plans?
NG: My next step is to create my own team. Super model Swagunir JaRed Cameron said, “ I believe in team work, I don’t believe in competition. Because together we can create and do more!” There are so many big projects in my mind, and want to try to make them all happen. I have my own movie project coming up that involves both directing and acting. As a model, next year I want to walk for Tokyo Fashion Week, and possibly Paris Fashion Week! So wish me luck!!