Exotic Mongolian Fashion Designer Munkhshur Tumursukh

Exotic Mongolian Fashion Designer

Munkhshur Tumursukh

By Dan Brady

Photographer: Dan Brady
Make-up Artist: Amy Brady
Hair Stylist: Isabelle Hayim-Langridge
Designer: Shuree Tumursukh
Model: Theresa Goddard (Blonde)
@ Scene Model Management
Model: Toni McDonald @ Model Team

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Munkhshur Tumursukh (Shuree) was born in Mongolia in 1988, to a fashion business family . Having developed a deep appreciation for both business and fashion from an early age, she was accepted at the age of 16 to Urlakh

University in Mongolia, where she studied fashion design and technology. One year later, she met her husband and soon gave birth to their first son. Shortly thereafter they moved to Australia. Once in Australia, she found

she had to start over again, and 3 years later, after the birth of their second child, decided to go back to school to learn English.

Years later, she decided to study fashion design at Polytechnic West Tafe. In between studying,she worked at bridal and evening wear companies such us Galleria Couture, Secrettopia, Wild Violet, and TARVYDAS fashion house.

“Fashion has never been just about garments, it’s about feeling glamourous, to tell a story of your lifestyle. I believe fabric choice and how it is manipulated is very important in capturing the design of a garment.”

“I love costume and couture design. My creations are meant to be viewed on a stage or a catwalk. The main aim of my design is to create an impact on the traditional definition of beauty. Colors in Mongolia represent the

natural beauty of landscapes that Mongolia is known for. Each color represents an emotion. There are a variety of new and recycled fabrics that are used in the collection. The textiles in the collection have some which

are hand felted and dyed, some are screen-printed on with the designer’s own design finished with hand sewn embellishments. The main motifs in my designs are asymmetry destruction, dramatism, macabre. All the

costumes here have been hand-made by myself.

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