Explore Sake, Taste Happiness

Explore Sake, Taste Happiness

by Jim Zhou 

On September 13, 2014, JFC international, Inc, an Asian food and beverage supplier in North America presented the Sake Expo & Food Show at the New Yorker Hotel. There were over 20 brewers from Japan to pour their own sake!

Sake is special; it is a part of traditional culture of Japan and has a long history. One of the
most unique features of sake is that sake can be enjoyed at a variety of temperatures ranging from hot to cold, with totally different tastes. There are many sakes presented in the show, here are two types of sakes Asian Fusion would highly recommend to any Sake lover!

Fukuju Junmai Ginjo


This particular famous Sake is awarded the Gold medal at the international Sake Challenge and was served at a banquet following the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Sweden. The taste of Fukuji is very fresh and clear, as it is brewed in the Nada region of Kobe City, Japan, near Rokko Mountain and near one of the best places to make sake.

Junmai Shu Sake

image-2Junmai Shu is one of the sakes under Hakutsuru, Japan’s #1 sake selling brand. Junmai is a pure sake. If you are a rice lover, you will definitely enjoy Junmai, because it is made of rice and only rice. It is characterized by its rich rice flavor and mellow taste!



Once you have taste Hana-Awaka, you will never forget its sweetness and acidity. The taste is so refreshing that your mouth can feel the bubbles bursting! This sake is highly recommended to those sparling sake lovers.

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