ExpoTaste of Japan

(By Peggy Lin)

Who doesn’t love great sake and wine?
JFC International held their Sake Expo event at the New Yorker Hotel in NYC on Septermber 15, 2012. The Sake Expo event was filled with all types of Japanese products, mostly exhibiting new sakes, wines and spirits. Everywhere you looked had a friendly face ready to showcase their company’s newest items and popular beverages. The room was covered with colorful banners, logos and of course, sake bottles.
When we first walked in, we were greeted by sales representatives from a company named Ukon Power, a turmeric extract drink that will help boost your system with vitamins so that you may feel better or more energized while you consume sake and wine samples throughout the expo. How thoughtful of them! Ukon Power comes in 2 flavors, a nutty chocolate taste and a fruity citrus taste.
We turned the corner and there stood Sapporo, a well known Japanese beer company. As we stepped into the heart of the expo, we found ourselves completely surrounded by beverages, as well as food.
One company, Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings offered samples of what seems to be shrimp with normal garlic seasoning. What we found out is that this company has become so popular in the Japanese community with a great amount of penetration into the Japanese food market as well. Along with garlic seasoning, they also carry salt, pepper and mixed seasoning for all foods such as popcorn, poultry, seafood, hamburgers, and more.
Kikkoman is is another well known brand, recognized for their seasoning and sauces. Kikkoman had their own booth as well, serving delicious salmon, meats and chowder along with their savory sauces.
Nearby was the booth from Silk Road wine and spirits, showcasing their newest and popular beverages, such as their premium cocktail mixes that are incredibly sweet and light.
On another corners stood a booth for Lento, a Japanese company that carries a popular new drink called the Kokuto Shochu, which means brown sugar soju. The soju is brewed with brown sugar and rice malt, pure water from Amami and aged by a sound aging system. It has a subtle sweet taste and really cleans your palate for a light feel.
All of these brands and companies came together to provide information on new products, network and socialize. JFC International is the main distributor for these products, and they organized a successful and delightful expo for everyone to enjoy.