Fall for Health AF’s Top 10 Best Places (And Ways) to Stay Fit This Fall in NYC

Fall for Health

AF’s Top 10 Best Places (And Ways) to Stay Fit This Fall in NYC

By Lisa Crawford


There’s no question that New Yorkers are among the fittest and most competitive people in the world. And what do we do to keep in that shape? Whether you need to blow off some steam, fit into that adorable cashmere sweater, or feed your competitive beast, there is definitely a spot in our city for you. And here are our top 10 places to do just that.

Mile High Run Club


1 The indoor treadmill craze that is the Mile High Run Club is a great way to get from novice runner to extreme marathoner. Not interested in distance running, but want to get your heart rate up? Classes like Dash 28 focus on interval training and are sure to get that heart beating.  Mile High Run Club is located on the Lower East Side at 28 East 4th Street. https://www.milehighrunclub.com/

Shape Up, NYC

2 The parks in our fair city are a focal point for many active New Yorkers. So why not work out in one…for free. Whether its boot camp, yoga or Zumba, Shape Up, NYC has the outdoor class of your dreams. The drop-in fitness program makes it simple and appealing. Free, fun and a variety of classes to choose from; Shape Up, NYC is the answer to your fitness prayers!  Shape Up happens at various parks throughout the 5 boroughs.  For more information, please visit: https://www.nycgovparks.org/programs/recreation/shape-up-nyc

NYC Badminton

3 If you’ve never tried badminton, we suggest you grab a buddy and head indoors for a superb workout. And with locations in both Manhattan and Queens, NYC Badminton will get you set up for a great time. There are “Group Coaching” lessons for those who want to learn in a larger setting as well as “Private Coaching” sessions for the well-trained badminton player to gain better technique.  They even offer a summer camp for the kids to hone their skills. NYC Badminton is not only fun, but a seriously good workout! NYC Badminton is on the Upper East Side at 220 East 76th Street. http://newyorkcitybadminton.com/

305 Fitness 


4 This exercise pop-up can be found two places in the city and is sure to jazz up your workout. It is named after Miami’s area code (305) and has that hip South Beach vibe. Whether it’s a high energy dance class or individual personal trainer, 305 Fitness has what you are looking for and does it in style. Don’t believe us? They even have a live DJ spinning to latest hits. Talk about motivation!  Check out 305 Fitness at 18 West 8th Street. Or visit: http://305fitness.com/

Lyons Den 


5 Power yoga may seem like an oxymoron, but these days we can combine anything and make it that much better!  Lyons Den seems to have perfected that with their hot, fun, fast and tough class options. The classes are designed to make you sweat, and boy, do they ever. The Beats classes and the Power Flow classes are creative and give you the kind of workout even a power lifter can appreciate.  The Lyons Den is located downtown at 279 Church St.  Check out their website at http://lyonsdenpoweryoga.com/

The Rise, NYC

6 If you like free things, like most New Yorkers, you’ll love this outdoor option. And with so many choices to join, everyone in NYC can find something to peak their interest. Classes like HIIT, Brooklyn Body Circuit, Core Body Bootcamp, Kings of Queens and Flatiron Form and Flow, we are positive you will not only get a great (and free!) workout, but also have a little fun!  The Rise is located at 43 West 23rd Street in Chelsea.  For more information, check out their website at  http://www.therisenyc.com/

Willkommen Deep House Yoga

7 Yogis from all over the five boroughs are flocking to this studio. The weekly class held at Verboten is soothing and tranquil meets serious stretch and core strengthening workout. With a DJ spinning and the experienced instructors giving you move by move of the best yoga poses, there is no doubt you will enjoy your experience.  Willkommen is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn at 54 North 11th Street.

NYC Social Sports Club


8 There is nothing wrong with killing two birds with one stone. And especially if you are new to the city and looking to meet competitive and fun people, then you’ll love the opportunity available at NYC Social Sports Club. The intramural sports league has sports like Kickball, Volleyball, Bocce Ball, Soccer, Cornhole, Skeeball, Dodgeball, Basketball and much more. Think back to sports in high school and college and that is what NYC Social Sports Club is like.  Get active, get moving, meet some great people and have a great time!  The NYC Social Sports Club is located at 85 Delancey Street.  For more information, check out their website at http://nycsocial.com/

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp


9 Using your body weight to get a spectacular workout has been around since the caveman; doing it with a gorgeous view of lower Manhattan is how Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp has perfected it. If you are already a fitness fanatic, then chances are you have taken a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge, so why not add in a few pushups, jumping jacks and squats with a group of like-minded people? What do you have to lose?  For more information, check out their website at: http://brooklynbridgebootcamp.com/

Bari Studio

10 The ballerina craze has been around for a bit, but when New Yorkers set the trend, odds are it isn’t going anywhere soon. And really, who doesn’t enjoy using a trampoline to sculpt those muscles? The BariOne class is very popular as well as the Dance Cardio class. Between toning your arms and legs to become strong and sleek like a ballerina’s and jumping all around, Bari Studio has your fitness desires covered.  For more information, check out their website at: http://www.thebaristudio.com/













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