By: Niki Cheng


Summer has come and gone, but the arrival of fall brings so much excitement! Between holiday gatherings and cozy weather, there’s no better time for an in-home refresh. Check out our favorite fall trends for preparing your home for the holiday season.

Enjoy dark, subtle hues

Darker shades always find their way to the top of the latest trends in the fall, and we love what darker settings can do for a home. This black marble dining table is a high-tech, design savvy extending table, a scenic presence in your domestic ensemble, the true protagonist of your dining room.


Accent with host-friendly accessories

No dining set is complete without table-top accessories! We love what a candle or chic plant can do for a home space. Check out how we use Rose Quartz candle holder as accent color, this color may look feminine but this peaceful pastel color is able to balance bold tones and natural hues easily. Your home is your oasis, it is also a canvas to celebrate your life and your history. Let your home tell your story with your favorite accessories.


Lounge during colder, cozier weather

The weather may be getting colder, but your home should be getting warmer! Colorful accents and comfort-inspired furniture are the perfect way to welcome guests from the outdoors. You can mix different shades of green and also play with textures. This combination is so vibrant and fresh but it’s also strong colors so try not to exaggerate.


Match your favorite pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice is everywhere during this season – be it in your coffee cup, on your clothes, or in designer-inspired spaces for fall. Add this dark orange to stay on trend with the upcoming fall collections. This bold color creates a warm yet calming environment while giving the space a luxurious feel.


Lighting always sets the mood

Be it dining, living, or bedroom, all spaces need special lighting to set specific moods. Go for a larger or more modern lamp to excite guests in your home for an evening. Good lighting can totally alter the mood. So it’s really important to make sure you have the best lighting possible in your space. This floor lamp (Pom Pom) is the result of a botanical study of a few exotic plants species. The glass lighting elements harmoniously and naturally take shape on the frame that is softened by a soft finish touch. The range is extra-ordinary, iconic and amazing accessory designed by Young Talents of Italian Design-Matteo Cibic.