Fashion Model – Malcolm Ryan

In WaterPhotography: Kelex Lau Photography & Max Xiong
Model: Malcolm Ryan
Stylist: Clothes provided by Zara
Make-up Artist: Margaret Mealey

By Malcolm Ryan
The story behind these images is about a boy starting out in modeling. Embracing challenges within the industry all the while looking calm and relaxed as he starts to follow a new path in life. We wanted to have an outdoor location in order to feel a connection between nature and myself. The reason we used trees was because trees are a part of life that last a long time and hopefully my modeling will do the same. We used deer antlers because even once the deer is gone their antlers are a sign that once upon a time they were here on this earth. Although they are gone, the deer left a trade mark behind, which was their antlers.Deer & Mr
It is the same with the use of water. Water will come and go but always be a part of who we are and what we need. Just like fashion itself.
I have always enjoyed fashion shoots. There is something about modelling that makes you feel good about yourself. I work with natural outdoor locations because it will always help develop and create a better photo. Fashion is always something I have been interested in since I was a child. Not just modelling but working with materials and making them into garments.
I met Kelex through fashion modeling. He saw my work and thought I would be perfect for the idea that he had wanted to use for his portfolio. I must say that I do enjoy working with him. I believe his work is outstanding. He catches natural light well and knows how to see fashion within every picture.
My thoughts are that Asian fashion within the UK is on the rise. Fashion photography for Asian fashion is in very high demand and they do know how to be creative when it comes to fashion shoots. I would be happy to work with an Asian photographer on a fashion-focused photo shoot. I could imagine it would be very creative and would be interesting to see what work could be achieved.
Kelex shared with us his thoughts: “Ryan was a model who was greatly challenged by wearing the kimono in cold water. By being true to himself and who he is, he pulled through and made sure I got a picture that was a success for both of our portfolios. We both agreed after the shoot that we had created images that made us both feel very happy.