Interview by Dominic Packulat
Credits for Editorial:
Design – Simmy Chun
Photography – Christina Hasenauer
Cinematography – Dominic Packulat
Hair & Make up – Ana Buvinic
Model – Avalon Kip @Core Managment
Music by IOM- Dominic Caudr


21396998_10214155908032095_151811364_nHello!  My name is Le E sim Chhun, but everyone has called me Simmy since my college days. I was born and raised in Cambodia, where my family worked in the manufacture and tailoring of silk for more than 30 years.  When I was young, I had great enthusiasm for drawing. Combined with seeing my mom doing her sewing and fitting clients, I knew even then I wanted to explore more in the field of clothes and fashion.

AF: Why did you choose Berlin to study fashion?

LC: I actually had no knowledge of Berlin.  I came straight from Cambodia to Germany, and didn’t know any German, with the exception of the bare basics from my language book.  I had heard from relatives who live in Switzerland who said that Berlin is a very artistic city, is very open, and has a lot of art exhibitions.  I was also very curious about the german language and lifestyle.


AF: What effect does the city have on the inspiration for your designs?

LC: I would first say that in Berlin you find a lot of alternative styles, including street arts and people’s lifestyles.  Most people here wear an ‘easy-going’ dress code, something more comfortable that is so totally different from my country.  The comfortable, urban feel and graphics that this city has is definitely enhancing my ideas for color choices in my designs.


AF: Your concepts are very artsy. Where would you see your collection…in a gallery, or on a runway?

LC: I would have to say both.  I believe the ideas behind my designs suggest that people should embrace the alternative shapes of beauty. I think that might be the future of what we will be wearing.


AF: What is your next step after your degree?

LC: I would love to have another internship to further my knowledge while at the same time establish my label here.  I would like to become strong enough to expand to Asia.  Also, if I were to go back to Cambodia, I would love to be involved in a project where I could share the knowledge I have from being in Berlin with people who have the same passion as I do.


AF: Do you have any advice for any of our readers out there who think about getting into the world of fashion?

LC: I would say that everyone should believe in their passion. Whether you can, or can’t, do it…it is all up to your decisions. Nothing is impossible, learn from your mistakes and failures, and always ask questions to understand why something isn’t working for you.  Do this, and you will discover something else that you couldn’t imagine.  Be strong, be patient.  Listen to your mentor(s) so that you learn from them.  And remember, it’s important to always stay focused!

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