Fiat 500– Car for the City

The FIAT 500 offers three exciting models infused with style, technology and convenience; features to make life on the go more personalized and comforting. And with so many original ways to personalize every FIAT 500, your individuality will be recognized wherever you go…

The 500 sport is a winner for me. Very reliable, very peppy & fun to drive, very economical, and very beautiful. I get 44 mpg on highway drives with the A/C on…this car easily exceeds the EPA rating for highway milage. Driving in the city is closer to the EPA rating (30-32 mpg in true bumper to bumper city driving). Even though I did not have a big budget, I am very happy I bought the Sport with a few options ($18,600) and not the Pop. The sport has exceptionally comfortable seats and adds so much extra equipment for a small premium that it was worth getting over the Pop…I strongly recommend this car to everyone who admires it.

Automatic climate control in a tiny affordable car! Fuel efficient yet with a powerful engine…standard cruise control…sport driving mode…and a smooth shifting transmission. The sport seats are extremely comfortable on short and long trips. The Blue & Me system is excellent — control iPod and cell phone through voice commands or steering wheel buttons. Trip computer is handy, and of course the overall design is great. Handling is sporty and accurate. Strong brakes.

The design of this car is so tight, there is little to improve…maybe a center console storage box?