Flower Girl Jacqueline Elfe Makes Any Occasion Beautiful

Flower Girl Jacqueline Elfe

Makes Any Occasion Beautiful

By Joe Meny 


Floral and event designer Jacqueline (Jackie) Elfe spends her day making other people’s lives beautiful with flowers. Jackie shares her talents and passion in this exclusive interview with Asian Fusion.

AF: Please take a moment and tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, where did you grow up, how did you get involved in floral design?

Jackie: I am  a New York native raised in the boogie down Bronx. The start of my floral design journey started off with me planning several types of events in corporate America. Needless to say, the logistics started to bore me and I needed to set the stage for these events. I love the power of designing something gorgeous for my clients. So when the guests walk in the room they are WOW’d and say to themselves I want to be in this room forever.



AF:  What does a typical day in the life of Jacqueline Elfe look like?

Jackie: My days vary from one moment to the next. As a designer that covers 3 markets: Corporate, Special Events, & Weddings, we can be processing flower orders, sourcing vendors for upcoming events or creating presentations for potential clients. Every day is not the same in my world and I love it. I’m a super spontaneous woman so I live my life and career as an adventure.

AF:Is there such a thing as a “typical” day?

Jackie: Nope, not at all. That would be sooooooo boring!

AF: Is there a favorite flower that you like to work with? Which one, and why? Jackie: Oh gosh, this is a tough question, I have a severe love for all flowers. They come is so many shapes, colors and varieties. Just like my clients. Most times with my designs you will always see orchids. Orchids are timeless.


AF: You must have great satisfaction in knowing that your work leaves such a lasting impression from an event. What have you been most proud of?

Jackie: To be blessed enough to have so much versatilty with our designs to match our clients personality. Each client is different and so should be our designs. It offers you an opportunity to challenge yourself by using different techniques.

AF: What has been your most challenging endeavor? Jackie: Sticking to my flower budget. I get flower crazed sometimes. I like everything to be special with the right amount of beauty. This often times gets expensive. It’s my mission to open up the eyes of every client to something new

AF: What projects/events are you currently working on?

Jackie: Currently we are working on a Super Sweet-sixteen, poker party and a few weddings


AF: Where does your inspiration come from when you are working?

Jackie: My inspiration comes from the combination of the client’s vision, research, and visuals pertaining to the client’s request. With the combination of these components we then deliberate and create a design that has a touch of uniqueness of the unseen.

AF: What kinds of things do you like to do when you’re not working?

Jackie: Not working, that’s funny!  Well, I loooooove to eat, spend time with my beautiful family and party like a rockstar!


AF: Your company, Stellar Style Events, it’s a great name! How long have you been in business, and what’s the best way for our readers to contact you should they be interested in utilizing your talents for an event or special occasion?

Jackie: We have been happily in business for over 7 years. We can be reached via email, phone, and social media. We are very personable so we like to allow direct contact with us to let our new and existing clients know they are important to us.


347.269.4016 / 917. 572. 4305