Flowers by Anna

The peony is named after Paeon (or Paean), a student of Asciepius the Greek god of medicine and healing. It is among the most ancient and represented flowers in ornamental culture, along with the plum blossom. A traditional floral symbol of China where it is called mu-dan, the peony is a flower symbolizing richness and honor. In 1503, the Qing dynasty declared the peony as its national flower. The city of Luoyang in China has a cultivation centre for the peonies and was the first in the country.

In the United States, the state of Indiana passed a law in 1959 to make the peony its state flower. Peonies can be planted in early autumn so they have time to become established in the soil before winter. Grown peonies can also be planted in the spring. The shrubs reach an average of four to five feet with 700 varieties. They bloom in late spring and early summer with its fragrance at its most luxurious and color its most spectacular.

Now the cut peony flower can be found all year round. It’s the perfect flower for weddings and party events. For more information about the peony, please call Anna 646-284-2446