Forever Beauty is not a dream – Lapeau day spa

  Forever Beauty is not a dream – Lapeau day spa

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(By Crystal Lin)

Would you like to wake up looking as beautiful as you did the night before? Tired of applying your liner and lipstick each morning? Do you want to save time putting on make-up? Allergic to regular makeup? Have sparse hair or scars on your eyebrows? Have you been curious about permanent makeup techniques?

Then come to La Peau day spa and meet Evelyn Ho who has the answers to all your questions and more! A licensed permanent cosmetic specialist and professional makeup artist, Evelyn Ho took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to share with Asian Fusion Magazine readers what permanent makeup means to you.

Permanent Makeup, also known as micropigmentation or permanent cosmetics, is the beauty breakthrough of the new millennium. Permanent Make Up is a form of cosmetic tattooing used to enhance facial features. Tens of thousands of women and men have already realized the benefits of permanent, hassle-free, waterproof micropigmentation. Imagine waking up each morning with perfectly applied eyeliner, eyebrows, and lipstick!

Do you love to look great 24 hours a day? Pale, thin or non-existent eyebrows can be artfully arched. Thin lips can be made full and rosy. An irregular lip line can be beautifully defined. Dull eyes can be made dramatic with permanent eyeliner, eye lashes and eye shadow. Whatever individual feature diminishes your personal sense of beauty, it can be artfully corrected with permanent makeup.

AF: Who will benefit from permanent make-up?

EH: People who desire freedom and convenience from make-up application; those who have sparse brows or brows with missing patches; who have eyebrow alopecia, very light hair or scars in the brow area; who wish to look their best all the time; who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features; who are physically incapable of applying make-up; who are allergic to conventional make-up. It is also great for those wishing to define their eyes with liner or lash enhancement. But permanent makeup is not just for brows and eyes. Permanent makeup is a very successful method of camouflaging scars, releasing tight scar bands in burns, and for reconstruction of the areola post mastectomy surgery.

AF: How long will the permanent make-up last ?

EH: Permanent make-up will last approximately 2-4 years.

AF: How long do appointments typically last?

EH: Appointments for eyeliner and lash enhancement usually last about 2 hours. Brows can last 2-3 hours depending on how much time is taken to design the brows. Reconstructive, corrective and camouflage tattooing can vary depending on size of the area any type of tattooing required.

AF: Can you tell us about your 3D cosmetic embroidery?

EH: My 3D cosmetic embroidery uses color pigment drawn onto the skin to create the background and fills in the parts of the eyebrow that looked empty, and gives you a natural looking makeup. In addition, I use the hair stroke like technique to create a natural, beautifully designed eyebrow. Moreover, the “3D” effect gives it an added realism to the end results.

AF: What is the recent promotion at La Peau day spa ?

EH: Our recent promotion is our Gold Membership. The Gold Membership only costs $688 and you can receive value of $6,254 in treatments. As long as you sign up for our Gold Membership, you can receive one free make-up lesson and weekly free deep cleansing facial for a year!

There are two facial treatments that are highly recommended to our members:

1. Skin Re-generation:

Use products with Hyaluronic Acid and Clostridium botulinum to improve depigmentation of the skin and prevent the appearance of brown marks. They act together to obtain optimum results in the depths of the cells which produce melanin (natural pigment of the skin), inhibiting its production. The results appear almost immediately after two or three sessions. The complexion becomes clearer, suppler and more even. It’s safer than the injection and almost achieves the same effect.

2. Dermalift Skin Regeneration Treatment:

This treatment stimulates the skin’s own repair system and reactive of all skin functions. Skin regenerates through acceleration of cell division, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in order to reduce the mimic wrinkles and improve your skin’s elasticity.

AF: What’s the popular makeup color for this spring ?

EH: The makeup color trends for this spring, I will recommend emerald. Emerald is a tone of green that is particularly light and bright. Some of the most famous fashion designers such as Lanvin, Valentino, Burberry Prorsum, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Christian Dior, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana for Spring/Summer 2013 are incorporating this fantastic color into their collections. Emerald is one of the most predominant colors in fashion. It is appropriate for every occasion- it makes every women look marvelously elegant; it is perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasion. It emphasizes all eye colors, intensifies brown eyes and embellishes green eyes. Emerald hue combines well with other neutral hues like peach, pink, rose, ruby-red and aborigine. The Emerald products include nail polishes, eye shadows, lipsticks and other cosmetics products, and for those can’t get enough, Emerald is also the best shade of green for adding a splash of color to your interiors, bringing life and well-being to the different areas of your home with a touch of Emerald, accents and accessories.


Background of Evelyn’s Ho

Skincare Expert / Permanent Makeup Master / Honored Educator

Exclusive Beauty Consultant for New York beauty pageant

Best Makeup Artist in New York City, Citysearch 2009,2010

Founder of La Peau Day Spa

Renowned expert in Permanent Makeup

Best New York Makeup Artist, Citysearch 2009, 2010

Exclusive Beauty Consultant for Miss Chinese NY beauty pageant for 18 years

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