Free Your Body, Mind & Soul

(By Peggy Lin)

There are many ways to release tension, relieve stress and simply relax but there is nothing compared to bodyART – a workout mixing physical training with mental relaxation. The Swiss gymnast and dancer, Robert Steinbacher, founded the bodyART school and has trained thousands of people including fitness trainers.
Being a former gymnast, he started his career as a dancer and choreographer in New York City. On top of that, Steinbacher has 15 years of experience as a choreographer and international yoga teacher. He has collected over 50 instructors worldwide to form a global concept that will enlighten and provide mental and physical therapy to individuals that desire a calmness within themselves and healthy life. It takes time and dedication to fully understand this special exercise.
Steinbacher developed this special training from physical therapy for ones with physical limitations and ever since he realized that the training could be useful for others, it has spiraled into a fitness phenomenon worldwide.
Robert Steinbacher says that the human body is not only containing blood and muscles. The human body has a heart and a soul.
BodyART helps you have less physical pain and mental stress. Robert Steinbacher is incredibly passionate about this training – bodyART delivers a powerful and positive message for the individuals that aspire for a higher quality in life.
Along with bodyART there is also a training exercise called deepWORK, which includes the body and mind, “a form of therapy and freedom of motion” from Robert Steinbacher’s bodyART website.
In 2010, BodyArt was introduced in Crunch and Equinox gyms. The hour long exercise helps you loosen your muscles through cardio, yoga and Pilates. Classic yoga moves with mixtures from the BodyArt techniques have been used in these gyms throughout New York City. Since this was developed from physical therapy, the usual squats, lunges and other exercises feel therapeutic with smooth movements.
Practicing these motions and exercises will guarantee you a life with less stress and a healthier lifestyle.