By Cecilia Sha

Men’s underwear is the underdog of the fashion world, long relegated to just being worn but not seen. But in 1983, Calvin Klein changed it all with his underwear ad poster up in Times Square. Today, there is an Asian innerwear designer by the name of Fu who wants to be as successful as Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist, and who would add someone new to the list of Asian designers who are currently very in vogue right now with the fashion world.

Fu’s business and finance background, along with very strong personality traits, puts him on the path to success. Along with his mathematical and logistical abilities, a background in art gives Fu a decided advantage over other novice designers looking to make it big in the world of men’s fashion. After all, fashion is business!

After working for a few investment banks and hedge funds, Fu switched his career to fashion. “ I have always had a keen interest in fashion. Fashion has always been my hobby. Friends and co-workers of mine have always been telling me to go into fashion, saying I have such a great eye for it and an innate sense of style. I always enjoyed seeing what was on the runways and in magazines.”

Compared to other designers doing outerwear, Fu finds his interest in men’s innerwear.

“I realized well made, stylish men’s underwear would be perfect, because to me, it is a necessary luxury that everyone needs and enjoys. It’s gotten more press and attention; but is still a market that has great room for growth and expansion.” He added, “It is the foundation to getting dressed and when your underwear fits well, looks good, and feels good, it gives you that extra perk in your step, that additional self confidence to take on the day. While a necessity; unless one goes commando, it can also be an affordable luxury item that anyone can enjoy and save for.”

FU e=fu8 Underwear is the only line of underwear that has both the designer’s name and a formula. FU is his real first name, which means lucky in Asian Chinese culture, and e=fu8 is his trademarked formula for the pleasure principle. The pleasure principle is a real principle coined by Sigmund Freud. FU wants people who wear and see his underwear to have fun, enjoy their life, and live it to its fullest, in essence to maximize their pleasure principle.

Summing up the quintessential FU man style, “I design for all stylish men, men who have big dreams. My customer is anyone in their teens to style-conscious mature men who take pride and joy in how they look, what they wear, and are aware that how they dress expresses themselves to others.” FU says, “My customer is the ambitious college student, young working professionals who are busy working on their career, to those who have done what they dreamed and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.”

Fashion to FU is meant to be fun, a chance to take risks, be adventurous and daring. Style, fashion and clothing is meant to be played with and send a message to all who see the person, so there is always that aesthetic element.

When you go about your day knowing that you look the best that you can, you can concentrate on other things because you already know that you look great… your clothing and underwear looks and fits great. You can then focus on being happy and productive.

Asian Fusion gives our best wish to FU and his underwear fashion. Hopefully, we’ll see more and more signature FU e=fu8 logo on guys’ waistband while wandering the streets.