german photographer

Concept & Photography: Dominic Packulat
Creative Director & Stylist: Matthias Eitner

05I’m not a dream you’ll meet in the evening which will leave you in the morning.”Photographer Dominic Packulat tells us, “It’s a story about a young artist, at the moment of being creative, starting something new, creating his own world, and showing his own life.
A young man who does not talk much, who is mildly depressive, but who loves that melancholy silence once a day, when the sun leaves yet again, but he couldn’t get it.06
He opens the door and he couldn’t say a word to her. She walks inside, has a look around. A davenport in the middle of a room; dark, with just one light. Chandelier blown out, a glass of wine, a glass of whisky, beside his stylograph and inkpot. That place which no one has ever seen before.
He calls his art a kind of “romantic-melancholy” lyric. Written words which helps to create a picture in one’s mind, which helps the reader to understand the feeling of the artist.”


Photographer Dominic Packulat

07Dominic Packulat, 23, born in Frankfurt/Main, is a young German photographer. In 2006 he started to take pictures with his first camera. Before he focussed 100% on his own world, he absolved an apprenticeship as office clerk.
In 2010 he started a new (way of) life, the creative one. He found his Big Love: the old way of taking pictures. Trying out old techniques, he gradually created his own way of being a photographer.
The darkroom became his new home, black and white his most beloved colours.
Everytime he gets new ideas, he writes a little story about the pictures inside his mind. Every person in this story gets their own life. You can find a part of his past and his feelings in every tiny detail of his work.
In January 2013 he finished his apprenticeship as a photographer. In April he had his first exhibition in Hamburg. And now he is here!
“Thanks to Rick and Asian Fusion Magazine!” / Dominic Packulat


Chinese Model Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee, 22 years old, was born in Germany and grew up in the northern part of the country. Originally from Hong Kong, his Dad and grandmother live in a small village in the north of Hong Kong where he and his family have a house close to the water. It is called “Sai O” in Ma on Shan.
“I love the nature and the seaside, but I couldn’t imagine my life without living in a metropolitan city like New York or Hong Kong”. Now, he lives in the beautiful German city of Hamburg.
After finishing high school, he traveled around the world because he loves meeting people from every culture. “There is so much to see in this world! I believe traveling is a good way to educate yourself and to broaden your horizon”, said Kevin.
He started modeling when he was 16 years old. He was discovered soon thereafter. One of Kevin’s more memorable experiences was when he did a tv commercial job where he had to dive his head into a real aquarium filled with water and real fish.
Kevin hopes to someday become a theatre actor and is currently training in drama school. He loves eating Dim Sum, some fresh and nicely mixed up salad, fruits and he is obsessed with sushi. He also enjoys cooking by himself a lot. He likes going kite surfing, to the beach, jogging in the evening by sundown, and going out with his friends and to dance. He really needs music in his life all the time, he likes to sing, and recently learned to play the piano.