Get Your Dream V-Shaped Face with CLARINS

Get Your Dream V-Shaped Face with CLARINS

By Arlene Hsu 

Many Asian women and men have faced one big challenge in their skin care routine – having a round chubby face with fat cheeks that you hate to see in the mirror.  Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a chiseled and dimensional facial structure like our counterpart Westerners do, and due to some of our diets rich in salt, sugar, and fat (don’t forget noodles has a lot of carbs and rice has a lot of sugars), we can easily get those chubby cheeks or stick out a double chin.  But don’t worry; we now have a star product that can be our savior – Clarins Shaping Facial Lift, Total V Contouring Serum.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift has achieved a cult-like following as the #1 Clarins coutouring serum in Asia, and it is the winner of 40 beauty awards internationally. It helps you to achieve that defined jaw line and V-shaped contours, and it is clinically proven to help refine the appearance of the face, profile, and neck – in just 4 weeks!

Thanks to a new scientific breakthrough and the Total V Contouring Complex, the innovative formula goes beyond contouring the natural roundness of the face by also relieving additional heaviness and puffiness caused by diets rich in fat, salt, and sugar. Clarins’ new Total V Contouring Complex combines three new powerful plant extracts, Guarana, Zerumbet Ginger, and Kaki, for a complete facial contouring performance.  Guarana is for anti-fat action, Zerumbet Ginger is for anti-Fluid action, and Kaki is for anti-sugar action.

I have personally tried on this wonderful product and have seen some amazing results in just a few weeks. I also learned a facial massage exercise that’s included in the product brochure, which helps to remove the excessive fluids underneath the skin on the face. In the past, I have tried many products that claim to firm the skin and slim the face. They were either too pricey for just a little amount in a tiny tube, or they are a hefty cream that once you put on your face, you don’t feel like you want to add another layer of product, especially on sunny days when a layer of sunscreen is mandatory.  However, this Clarins Shaping Facial Lift is such an exceptional light serum that it can be absorbed by your skin in just seconds, and above this layer, you can still put on your other layers, such as your sunscreen lotion, BB Cream, and your make-up products. Serum has the smallest molecules that go deep into your skin and you don’t feel you are wearing anything on your face.

You will fall in love with this product, and after using it you will fall in love with your V-shaped face.



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