Grand Tastes at Affordable Prices

By Kiat-Sing Teo

This season, Grand Restaurant will celebrate six months of its opening with a special menu created to show appreciation to its loyal patrons, as well as celebrate the festivities with new customers.

This limited edition winter menu features delicacies designed and lovingly prepared by a kitchen of master chefs; experts at authentic Cantonese, Zhejiang, Fujian, Wenzhou and other Chinese cuisine, yet innovative and adventurous enough to mix favors guaranteed to reawaken your senses. Lobster with vermicelli and satay sauce, pork ribs and pumpkin pot, shrimp with ginger and scallion, Qian-long
chicken pot and other such mouth-watering combinations will be served to your table at the unbelievable price of just $9.95 per dish. Or, stay true to yum cha style of dining, and enjoy flagging down waitresses pushing dim sum carts, with a variety of sweet and savory nibbles nesting in little bamboo steamers, offered at a ridiculous $2.25 per order, available from Mondays to Fridays.

Grand restaurant is quick to point out, too, that despite this price-cut, neither quality nor quantity is ever compromised in its creations; the freshest ingredients are always used to prepare the same generous portions. Indeed, a good size aquarium – housing a variety of live seafood, including giant lobsters from Australia, fish, shrimps, conches, other shellfishes and even a few 10-pound Emperor crabs – is within sight right outside the kitchen. The waitresses, attired in cute cheongsums, will bring this fresh ocean produce right to your table for inspection and even suggest the best methods of cooking to suit your individual taste. The flexibility of Grand Restaurant’s experienced chefs will also satisfy your craving for the catch in two or more contrasting styles. For instance, if you like, the same sea creature can be served up in two dishes; steamed with ginger, and fried with scallops and rice, or whatever strikes your fancy.

From capturing the original favors of fine ingredients in Cantonese cuisine, understanding the subtleties of Zhejiang delights, to maintaining the delicate balance of sauces necessary and key in Wenzhou cooking, the cooks are also well-versed enough to whip up a variety of Pan-Asian and international choices, such as T-bone steaks and Korean BBQ style roasts, as well. Although the menus can be expected to change regularly, Grand Restaurant pride themselves at being able to deliver what is unexpected and not expressly printed – even a full vegetarian dinner for the health conscious is a possibility. No doubt, this formula is the reason why Grand Restaurant finds itself the chosen banquet venue for many clients, organizations and Asian celebrities who visit the restaurant to feast.

With private rooms for parties of as little as 10 to as many as 400 persons, and a capacity of up to 130 tables in the space, Grand Restaurants caters to walk-ins and bookings of any number of people. In addition, the restaurant’s lavish and luxurious interior decoration, crystal chandeliers, shiny wall fixtures in reds and golds, centerpieces and chair covers can be tweaked and rearranged to suite any occasion, providing the perfect backdrop for pictures of a large wedding, a casual gathering or a formal dinner of a serious nature.

Indeed, returning customers seem most satisfied with these aspects of Grand Restaurant; its outstanding cooking and the opulent atmosphere all at once suitable for an intimate family meal or a larger gathering of any magnitude. In a superior setting fit for a king, on the entire top floor of New World Mall, Grand Restaurant brings you grand tastes at affordable prices.