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Art, the forever elegance.

Graziat means “The Wonderful Grace & Eternal Family Surname”.

All rich things on earth are one of the greatest graces of nature.

Holiness Western churches and mysterious oriental temples are symbols of the esteem and worship to the nature’s grace.

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Every piece of Graziat is designed with grace, a vision of elegance, creating stunning footwear and leather accessories.  It is the ultimate tailoring service for the soul, exploring its unique tastes in life.

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Graziat Venus Leather

The brilliant beauty of nature is the world’s only borderless lure.  Venus Leather demonstrates the sonata of nature’s colors with its delicate and amazing touch and feel to all who wear it.

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Venus leather is born in France, the country of romance.  With a noble and stringent 7% rule, only leather that completes 7 sophisticated  tests (plump, shiny, delicate, feel, toughness, smooth, resilient, fine) can become Venus leather

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The key of the process, tanning, as the mysterious ancient alchemy, those treasures out of smelting with all the pleasant to the human senses will all become [Venus].

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Graziat- Patina 

The leather dyeing process is the core secret of Graziat.  Like the mysterious old alchemist who balances soul, skill and a respect of nature. Graziat finds rare natural oils to to season perfect proportions, allowing Venus leather to fully absorb the mysterious dyeing process continuously.  The dye will actually penetrate into the Venus leather fibers from the inside, making the leather exude a jade-like luster.  And with years of wear, its light will become brighter.

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Aestheticization of Shock

Since Graziat was founded, it has appealed to a conventional posture, self-talented interpretation, and a highly personal style of leather footwear. Graziat will integrate art into life.

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For more information, please visit: www.graziat.com


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