Hair ToTo—Your Hair is in Great Hands

By Bonnie Chan

Established by Simon Szeto, Hair TOTO Group Salon brings the latest cutting-edge hair trends from Asia straight to its clients. This elegant yet comfortable salon deliv­ers consistent high-quality services. Innovation and perfection are two values strongly empha­sized in its practices — Hair TOTO endeavors to successfully understand and anticipate all of its clients’ desires.

With 25 years of experience, Hair TOTO employs a highly trained and dedicated hair­stylist team. Certain members have even won recognition in their industry by winning inter­national styling competitions. However, Hair TOTO always pushes its team to constantly im­prove. Every hairstylist must attend a monthly training class, where they practice their craft, learn how to maintain healthy hair, and how to provide efficient, friendly service for clients.

Hair TOTO specializes in techniques that improve clients’ experience in the salon. The Shampoo-Spa technique is one such example — the client receives a relaxing massage using hair-friendly, nutritious herbs along with his or her standard shampoo. The massage has the benefit of nourishing the scalp and encouraging healthy hair, while relaxing the client.

No matter the nature of your need, Hair TOTO has you covered. Services range from the standard haircut to permanent waves, coloring, and straightening. A variety of unique treat­ments are also available for anyone seeking hair remedies. Hair TOTO offers a Japanese HY Hair Treatment for those suffering from chemi­cally damaged hair — the treatment gives life to lackluster tresses by adding shine, bounce, and silky, soft feel. Other treatments can be provided for anyone worried about hair loss, or those who want to restore lifeless hair through a natural aromatherapy revival process. Hair TOTO only uses high-end hair care product lines for all of its activity, such as KMS Califor­nia, Pureology, Phyto, and so on.

Hair TOTO is under the overall umbrella of TOTO Group, which also includes Toto Beauty & Body, a spa and skincare service, and Relax Foot Spa. A special membership program is offered for frequent Premier Patrons, which extends to all of the above places.

The benefits are many and varied. For TOTO Beauty & body, they include a $50 gift certificate for skincare services and products, a free skin test, 20% off all skin­care products (does not apply to sale products), and 15% off skincare services. For Relax Foot Spa, a $5 gift certificate is redeemable for a one-hour massage service. Lastly, members at Hair TOTO receive 10 to 20% off on various hair care services depending on the day and an over­all 20% off on hair products (again, excluding sale items). Excitingly enough, such discounts can be used by any of your friends and relatives! Additionally, members can expect to receive wonderful offers or promotions from affiliates.

There is no drawback to enjoying the services of Hair TOTO – one can walk in expecting a comfortable atmosphere, great service, and superb haircuts/treatments at the hands of experienced, friendly hairstylists!