Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts

Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts

By Sandeep Raju

 deep ardha

Our fast paced, sound byte, instant lifestyles have quantity spilling over quality in almost all aspects of our lives. This mentality is taking a big toll on our health and well-being. People are now looking for ways to find some peace and balance in their lives. While many are turning to Yoga to deliver on that, it seems that Yoga too, has gone down the same path.  Yoga studios are more interested in churning out “over the weekend 100 hour teacher certifications” than quality Yoga instruction.

The sudden popularization of Yoga mixed with an abundance of eager but under trained teachers has created a plethora of new styles and hybrids that has left students a modern landscape bereft of authentic, safe and effective systems of Yoga.


After experiencing this lack of authenticity in Yoga schools across the United States, my partner Elisa and I embarked on a journey around the world with the aim to discover yoga in its classical and true form. This journey led us across the world to the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu, India.

These mountains are home to generations of yogis, and also serve as the backdrop for the Isha Yoga center founded by Yogi, Mystic and Visionary humanitarian, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Sadhguru is an extraordinary figure. His unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant and accessible in the modern era, has turned millions of people worldwide to look towards the Isha Foundation for guidance on different aspects of life from the practical to the spiritual.


Sadhguru began training teachers from all over the world only recently after noticing the distorted and potentially dangerous forms of yoga that were being taught and practiced in the United States. Classical Hatha Yoga, as taught by Sadhguru, is not a physical exercise, but a science for aligning the subtlest aspects of the human system. The rigorous 21-week teacher training is an intense process to ensure that teachers are trained to pass this on properly in its full depth and dimension. Teachers graduate with 1750 hours of certified training and the ability to teach complete systems of Yoga for all levels of practitioners. The training is very powerful, shedding light on simple but significant things like having your eyes closed during practice, the proper way to breathe, and the right sequence of postures.  The impact of these subtle aspects of the practice makes a world a difference to one’s experience.  The focus of these practices is about building a physical system that is at absolute ease and optimal functioning. Yoga postures are a means to do this and not an end in itself.


We created Inner Silence with the vision to transmit the true classical form of Isha Hatha Yoga. In New York City we are seeing many people coming to us out of disappointment, frustration and in some cases injury from their current Yoga Studios.  We offer private and group sessions for individuals and also offer tailored wellness Yoga programs for corporate audiences. Regular practice results in decreased need for sleep, increased energy levels, improved mood and reduction in chronic ailments. The classical form of Yoga helps you arrive at a state where you are ecstatic by your own nature. Our aim now is to share this with as many people as possible in a very committed way, staying true to the classical principles of Yoga. If these systems are practiced properly, the impact is profound.

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