HeeJun Asks Everyone to “Bring the Love Back”

HeeJun Asks Everyone to “Bring the Love Back”

By Shu Min Xu

 HeeJun Han never imagined that he would make it past the first audition, let alone become a finalist on Season 11 of “American Idol”. He won over judges and fans alike with his quirky charisma. Now that his debut single has dropped, “Bring the Love Back” is a delicious dance pop track that will get stuck in your head and make you want to throw a party just to get to play it for your friends.

 In between working in the studio and judging university K-pop contests, HeeJun finds time to talk with Asian Fusion Magazine about what he’s doing now and what he is planning for the future.

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 Asian Fusion (AF): Are you really as quirky and silly with your friends as you were on “American Idol”, or is it all just a persona?

HeeJun (HJ): Yes, I love being silly in front of my friends. People tell me I’m exactly the same as what they see on TV.

 AF: When you were growing up, what type of music did you listen to mostly? I’ve watched you sing a lot of Michael Bolton songs online.

 HJ: Mostly soul and R&B, but I love jazz also. Some of my favorite oldies are Michael Bolton songs, so I chose them for the show.

 AF: Well, then, what’s on heavy rotation on your playlist right now?

 HJ: Drake, Zedd, and James Morrison.

 AF: That covers quite some musical ground. Let’s talk about your own music. The video for the new single “Bring the Love Back” looks fantastic like it was super rad to shoot.  Did you have a lot of fun on set, and how was it working with Pusha T?

 HJ: Yes! I don’t normally party like [in the video], so it was good to live the moment as a party animal even if it was only for the video.  Had a blast! [Pusha T]’s great, very supportive and easy to work with. Would love to work with him again.

 AF: Awesome. Speaking of collaboration, if you could work with anyone in the industry, who would he or she be? You can name someone who has passed and someone who is alive and kicking.

 HJ: Tony Bennett and John Legend. Both of them are healthy and alive.

 AF: They certainly are. So, many Asian-Americans like Leehom Wang or Andy Lee and Eric Mun of Shinhwa, who want to get into show business or the music industry in the US end up hitting it big in Asia. Do you have plans to go back to Korea to launch your brand there?

 HJ: Yes. Korea is my motherland, and Korean is my first language. Me being in Korea and be able to show my talent over there is something I definitely want to do in the future.

 AF: Well, you seem so at-ease on camera, even during your first “American Idol” televised audition. Do you have aspirations to get into acting? Maybe there is a K-drama or two in your future?

 HJ: I love being in front of cameras.  K-drama or anything that’ll be in front of cameras, I’ll be thrilled to do so.

 AF: Right now, you are criss-crossing the US floating between LA and New York. Do you have plans in the works for an album release party when your EP drops?

 HJ: Maybe. I like parties, so why not! We’re currently planning on the date for [the] EP release.

 For the latest news about HeeJun, watch the video for “Bring the Love Back”, visit http://www.HeeJunWorld.com.