Also Unveils Paradis Imperial Decanter and Inspired Louis Vuitton Trunk

Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, proudly announced on Thursday evening, June 13th, at Studio 525 in New York City, that actor Henry Golding is the official ambassador for the brand’s Prestige range of Cognacs, including Hennessy X.O and the Rare Cognac Collection.

During the evening’s celebration, Mr. Golding told those in attendance, “I am honored to join Hennessy as their first official Prestige ambassador. I look forward to the many exciting projects to come and taking my fans on this journey with me.”

The new collaboration will spotlight Hennessy’s Prestige portfolio through the lens of discerning taste and travel, influenced by Golding’s distinctively modern way of looking at the world.

Within Hennessy’s Rare Cognac Collection, the jewel in the crown is Paradis Imperial. The intimate evening also served as the unveiling of a new modern Paradis Imperial crystal decanter designed by artist Arik Levy. The striking crystal vessel is a sensitive yet daring balance of curve and tension, with a faceted design that captures subtle variations in lighting to enhance the Cognac’s golden color. Arik Levy also created a service ritual for even more precision in pouring, measuring and tasting, with elements inspired by tools used by Hennessy’s Tasting Committee during its daily ritual.

In addition to announcing Henry Golding as Ambassador, Hennessy also unveiled the Hennessy Paradis Imperial Trunk, a special creation realized by the master craftsmen at Louis Vuitton. Designed to hold four magnums, it features an unexpected trunk-within-a-trunk construction: a single-magnum travel case nestled within the body of the trunk. Thanks to this configuration, parties of up to 18 people may appreciate Hennessy Paradis Imperial together. As an ensemble, the decanter, trunk and service ritual embody a modern lifestyle and way of looking at the world, reflecting a contemporary quest for exceptional pieces especially crafted for sharing remarkable experiences.

Now available nationwide, the new Hennessy Paradis Imperial decanter (750ml.) is priced at $3,000. The Paradis Imperial Trunk and Nomad Case by Louis Vuitton are available for custom order, with pricing provided upon request at RareCognacCollection@Hennessy.com.

For more information, please visit Hennessy.com/US, YouTube.com/HennessyUS, Facebook.com/Hennessy or Instagram.com/HennessyUS.