Hi-tech Products

Hi-tech Products

 Written by: Lisa Crawford 


The winter cold can be a bit overwhelming at times. And as the temps get lower, you’ll need some sophisticated tools to keep you warm. Here are the top Hi-tech products to keep you warm this winter.

Brookstone Insulated Heated Jacket with Rechargeable Battery ($188)

Both women and men can enjoy this nifty outerwear. At the press of a button, your whole body will feel extreme heat in the low NYC temperatures. Within 10 minutes, you are sure to be comfortable and warm for up to 10 hours. The built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, which means you are set for every day of winter.


2Brookstone Insulated Heated Jacket with Rechargeable Battery

BlazeWear heated scarf ($39)

The battery operated wrap around heated scarf will be your favorite winter accessory. Two heat settings are sure to keep you toasty as you brave the winter temperatures. BlazeWear’s scarf warps around and is secured with Velcro keeping the back of your neck and face warm. And the style is also subtle, which means it will mesh with any outfit you choose.



Hammacher and Schlemmer heated socks ($25) – These heel to toe heated socks are the perfect hi tech accessory for winter. Everyone knows that when your feet are snug and warm, your whole body feels the effects. With three heating settings, your feet will stay toasty for up to six hours. The material is also flexible and comfortable, so everyday wear is definitely an option.



LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat ($145)

There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night and freezing your tuckus off in the bathroom. Good thing LumaWarm has come up with a solution with the heated toilet seat. The heating is adjustable, so it can be used by many in the house. In addition to the heating, this toilet seat is also lit with a nightlight for easy nighttime finding.


LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat

Gerbing Women’s Heated Softshell Jacket ($135)

NYC’s winters can be brutal. And often we want to stay in and keep warm. For those times when we need to tough out the cold, the Gerbing Heated Softshell Jacket will come in handy. This nice looking jacket comes in both blue and black and offers an athletic style. This jacket boasts thermovelocity protection keeping the core toasty. The wind proofing technology will also make your day easy and not so breezy as you’re walking through the winters day.


Gerbing Women's Heated Softshell Jacket

ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insoles ($134 )

ThermaCELL wants you to know that this winter you can work longer and play longer. Their Bluetooth technology helps to control the heat in your feet feel. The insoles also come in a variety of colors and styles for all, so they are sure to match whichever kicks you choose.


ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insoles

Gorumpl Throw Blanket ($95)

The adventurous type will love these throw blankets. They are made for outside use, which means even in low temps, you can still stay nice and warm while enjoying the great outdoors. The Rumple puffy blanket uses technical materials found in sleeping bags that provide optimal warmth in the cold temperatures. The weather-resistant nylon shell keeps water and wind away from you and lets you stay toasty all night long.



Pajama Warming Pouch ($39)

Hammacher Schlemmer makes a wonderful product that offers cozy comfort for your winter’s night. This warming pouch can be placed in pajamas, socks, towels, lingerie, gloves and hats. So no matter where you are feeling the chill, this pouch will have you covered. The heating elements make this thermal satin pouch reach up to 118 degrees. And the fleece exterior offers a wonderful comfy feeling.


Pajama Warming Pouch

Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee, Tea and Water Bottle ($26)

Keeping your drink warm or cool can be a really important part of staying comfortable this winter. Hydro Flasks unique technology, TempShield, keeps drinks so insulated that it will seem no time has passed since you poured it. The wide mouth makes drinking much easier and the variety of colors means this gift can be given to anyone on your list.


Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee, Tea and Water Bottle

Tooks Classic Headphone beanies ($25)

Staying warm and also entertained should be on your “to do” list this season. And Tooks boast some of the best “Hats you can hear.” With a variety of styles, your head will stay cozy while you’re listening to your favorite podcast or tunes. The sound quality is clear and the styles are endless. Check them out. You’ll love them!