Himalayan Yak Restaurant

Namaste and Tashi Delek, welcome to the Himalayan Yak Restaurant! Located in the easily accessible culture center of Jackson Heights, Queens, NY ,the Himalayan Yak Restaurant is one of the oldest running Himalayan fusion restaurant in New York.

The Vast Himalayan range touches many countries such as Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India, each with their own unique cultures and cuisine. The Himalayan Yak Restaurant features an array of cuisines including Tibetan classics like Momos (Tibetan Dumplings), and Gyuma (Tibetan Sausage) ,Nepalese traditional items like Thalis, “Daal Bhatt” and even Indian Delicacies like chicken Tandoori and various curries.

Along with excellent service and food, the Himalayan Yak Restaurant features a live band four days a week. The live band creates an exotic ambience; showcasing classical and modern music from Nepal, Tibet and India. Customers not only satisfy their taste buds, but their ear as well!

Served and prepared by a Himalayan staff, the Himalayan Yak Restaurant provides the ultimate culture experience. A recipient of numerous awards since the opening in 2005,including winner of “Best Tibetan Restaurant” from the Village voice in June, 2008, the Himalayan Yak Restaurant has been featured in an episode of the hit ABC series “Ugly Betty”, Showcasing the restaurant’s exotic food and cozy ambience. Also Himalayan Yak Restaurant featured in New York Time and Time Out magazine. The Himalayan Yak Restaurant brings together a home away from home for local Himalayans, as well as a great escape for others to enjoy a vacation right in their own backyards.