Home of Art and Coffee–Espresso 77

By Peggy Lin

Waking up on a warm Summer morning calls for a nice cup of coffee… and there is no better place to go than Jackson Heights’ award winning coffeehouse, Espresso 77. Once you step into the café, the wondrous aroma of coffee engulfs you.

Five years ago, Afzal Hossain and his wife, Julie Nymann, opened this family friendly café and together designed it to create a unique place for everyone to enjoy. Before Espresso 77 opened, it used to be occupied by a boutique that sold Indian saris. Afzal and Julie transformed the space into such a charming café that it brings their customers back time and time again.

The environment draws you in and makes you want to stay to relish all of its goodness. The coffee comes from Gimme Coffee, an artisanal roastery in Ithaca, NY. On a hot Summer day, you can order their iced coffee, which is always cold-brewed for 12 hours, making it smooth, non-bitter and quite flavorful. If cold drinks are not for you, they also serve hot lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and the list goes on. In addition to beverages, the shop has a great selection of food, including delicious French toast, bagels, oatmeal, paninis, wraps and salads. In 2008, TimeOut NY nominated Espresso 77 for the Best New coffeehouse award. They were also awarded for the Best Pumpkin Latte in New York for the year 2011 and they are listed on the NY Times map of the best new coffee shops in the city.

At night, you can come by to order from a variety of beer and wine – a featured drink is the amazing rose petal wine which is decorated with beautiful red rose petals  inside with the white wine. The coffeehouse changes into a laidback lounge where friends and family gather to enjoy each others’ company by candlelight and dim lights. You can listen to a mix of jazz, reggae, and middle eastern music while you sip on your latte or enjoy your glass of wine.

Let’s not forget about Espresso 77’s artistic personality! Once you walk in, you will see the “white wall” which contains frames of sketches and artistic paintings. The wall changes every two months, provided from Gallery 77, introduced by Afzal the same time he opened Espresso 77. The gallery showcases pieces from many different artists, and hosts art and music events. You can easily find more information about Espresso 77 through their website, www. espresso77.com. Gallery 77 will come out with their own website soon, so stay tuned. Afzal and Julie have created such a cozy and welcoming coffeehouse that you might just consider it to be your second home. Welcome!