How to Decorate a Small Space for the Holidays

How to Decorate a Small Space for the Holidays

By Niki Cheng


1. Create Your Own Mini Christmas Tree


Whether you use cardboard or another creative material, you can make your own tiny holiday tree – custom-shaped for your space! Hang your favorite ornaments and a cute star on top. You can make it super fun by adding wrapped gifts, colorful pillows and seasonal branches around the base of the tree.

2. Decorate Your Window Ledges with Holiday Ornaments


Decorate each window ledge differently but keep a similar theme. Simplicity is key. The goal is to add elegance to the space without blocking any views. Use tall skinny candles, silver boxes, trays, pine cones and add a bit of wintry colored accessories around it.

3. Update Your Shelves


Save space by swapping out old shelf accessories with Christmas ornaments, family photos, figurines and knickknacks in your favorite festive colors. This book shelf received a fun and merry makeover using shiny silver vases and coordinated festive blue. You can also add some wrap boxes or hanging, glittering balls with matching ribbons.

4. Create a Festive Dining Table


The dining table is the focal point of your holiday decoration! Try adding a small, lightly decorated tree and a modest holiday display on the tabletop. Choose different heights and scales of objects in festive colors. Some holiday table decor ideas include natural tree branches, fall harvest squash and pumpkin, or even mini gift boxes. The use of nature’s bounty is endless and the possibilities will inspire!

5. Send a Message with Alphabet Candle Holders


It doesn’t have to be a straight forward holiday word but if you have the right letters, use it! Candles are not just a part of a collection of accessories; they shine perfectly on their own! This fabulous mix of candles makes a powerful statement.

6. Switch Up Your Pillows


This works the best if you have a solid colored wall in your living room, it’s a perfect canvas for a holiday display. Mix and match different sizes and shaped pillows that look festive. Don’t be afraid to put more pillows on your sofa than you usually do! I also suggest draping a warm, cozy fur or knit throw on the armrest. This switch of pillows not only gives a festive look, it also makes the room feel very cozy especially if you have a fireplace in front of your sofa.

Niki Cheng

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is co-owner of BoConcept New York with her husband, Shaokao Cheng. They started BoConcept New York in 2003. With an architecture and interior design background, she has furnished many homes in New York City. She is the proud mother of a 7-year old girl and 4-year old boy.



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