Indian Cooking

Indian Cooking

by John Wu

Asian Fusion would like to share the gorgeous and  tactile new cookbook by IACP award-winning Teacher of the Year, Raghavan Iyer. INDIAN COOKING UNFOLDED (Workman August).

With the unique color foldouts to guide you through recipes for each chapter, INDIAN COOKING UNFOLDED is a great way to bring something different, bright, and exciting to the summer table.From the bright and citrusy, nutty Indian slaw to the refreshing and vibrant watermelon soup, to mouthwatering and festive lambchops with cardamom  and sweet corn with coconut, Raghavan takes you through each recipe with easy-to-follow steps.


Raghavan’s book is special because it takes the intimidation out of Indian cooking, and he shows us how to simply and deliciously recreate our favorite Indian dishes without the intimidation or headache of endless prep time or a daunting ingredients list.

There are 100 recipes in all, with no complex spice blends, no hard-to-find ingredients, no list longer than ten items, and no excessive prep time.


Raghavan is warm and engaging authority in his field – Click here for his latest interview on NPR’s SPLENDID TABLE, and Raghavan was just given a glowing review in the current LIBRARY JOURNAL which calls INDIAN COOKING UNFOLDED a “treasure for anyone interested in basicIndian cooking.”


Raghavan is the author of 660 Curries and Betty Crocker’s Indian Home Cooking for The Turmeric Trail: Recipes and Memories from an Indian Childhood. He travels for private cooking seminars and classes at spas and corporate retreats and consults on numerous culinary and nutrition boards.